Friday, February 16, 2007


I have bought/sold 6 houses and 1 condo in the past 11 or so years. For those you you that know me, Mildred, Woodingham, Stellma, Woodelm, *Jons condo, Ravine Terrace, and my present street. They have all been FSBO (for sale by owner). I have been lucky enough not to need a Realtor. The areas and market I have played in, have done well. When I bought this current home, I calculated my kids time in school vs the time they'd be ready to bolt, err...I mean ready to leave the nest. I decided on a 5 year balloon because the rate was obscenely low.

Five years is up this September. Michigan jobs suck, so of course Michigan real estate sales sucks. Plans were to list in spring, but I am quickly getting my house ready to get it on the market yesterday. My basement is back in order, I have weeded out junk-N-stuff from closets and once I get that Tupperware cupboard organized to where I can even close the door, I should be fine. I am being a "skater" on this house ... not going to paint or spruce up too much because it's such a buyers market, I am sure anything I put into it at this time isn't going to make or break a sale.

There are lots of homes for sale in my neighborhood, mostly listed with Realtors. I think I will ride on their coat tails for a few months, see what draw I can get from those listed.

I have my St. Joseph statue to bury in the yard, ( flyer's, and a sign ... but about this frozen ground! Grrrr


Michael said...

Where are you moving to?

I just read on that smaller houses are still selling well, so maybe it won't be that hard. There are a lot of first time buyers taking advantage of the deals, plus people that were able to sell their starter houses are looking to trade up or move to better areas. Good luck!

Nancy said...

I am not sure where I will move to. Depends on when I sell, what I get and who I am dating at the time. *smirk*

michael b said...

Hi Marie,

I have the perfect idea to help sell your home. If you are moving out of the area, offer them your job along with the house. That will give you an advantage over the rest of the homes on the market. I would bet you will have people lining up to buy your place in a matter of days. I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Is Michael B for real? Sounds like he's living in la-la land.