Thursday, March 8, 2007


A few years ago, my sister Sandi and I went to a little shop tucked away on a side street in downtown Rochester. "Angel Treasures" is a store with nothing but Angel related items for sale. Pins to posters, all sorts of knick-knacks, jewelry, scarfs, angels, angels, angels. You name it they probably have it with an angel on it.

The artist simply called "The Angel Lady" was scheduled to be there for a few days. She travels around the country and will see you by appointment.

As you sit before her, she tells of her background, all the while, she begins a drawing. She claims as a very young girl, she was aware that she could see guardian angels around people. It wasn't until she was older did she realize that most people don't see them.

As she spoke and drew, she recorded the conversation on cassette for us to keep. My sister Sandi went first but I sat right there with her. Sandi's angel was very apparent to the Angel Lady, and she was drawing with no effort. Gosh, this guardian angel of my sisters is beautiful.

When it was my turn, she didn't began right away. She continued to talk to me, but with reservation and puzzlement. I figured it would be just my luck that I didn't have an angel watching over me, and she was having a hard time with it. She insists everyone has a guardian angel ... except ... yes, my life story, an exception. She said that what she was experiencing has only happened a couple times in her life. She went on to explain that I had once been a guardian angel, and the confusion she was having was determining my angel from me as an angel.

Once she began to draw the skeptic in me thought she was just going to make something up and be done with it. It took her a long time, longer than she took to draw Sandi's angel. She went into great detail and when she was done, she flipped the picture over for me to see for the first time. As quickly as I looked at it, she asked me who it was. Without hesitation, with instant recognition, I answered Theresa.

I don't know what it all means, I don't question it. We left the store and went to Kinko's and had wallet sized copies made and laminated to carry on us. To this day, Theresa is in my wallet.


sandi said...

OK, now I am going to be obsessed with finding my cassette. It must be SOMEWHERE in my basement. If you can't find me for a few months (years?), that's where I'll be LOL

Nicole said...

I know where that is!
My mom loves that store

TX Poppet said...

Very interesting. I'm not big on the wings thingy, but I do have visions of a helper when I'm near death. I often wonder if he has a name.