Friday, March 30, 2007

Google ...

We've all done it, we google ourselves and anyone else we can think of. Friends, family, coworkers, ex-loves, classmates.

I just googled myself and had a laugh. So there I am, just two items come up.

An interview from five years ago with the local paper on why I have a CCW (concealed weapon permit) and my recent win of a thousand bucks in a Dooney and Bourke purse from a local radio station contest.

Claim to fame, I have a designer purse to carry my Glock in. *head tilt*

Go Google yourself. (sounds kinda kinky, eh?)

PS: No, I don't carry so go easy on the anti handgun comments.


Michael said...

Apparantly there's an English professor from the University of Birmingham that shares my name and is stealing all the lime light. The "real" me only showed up in an obituary.

Nancy said...

Professor of English? That would look good added to your resume assuming they don't cross check ages, lol

Michael said...

Sorry, English as in the country of England...from the University of Birmingham.


Michael said...

BTW, why do you have a concealed weapons permit, anyways?

Beth said...

I tried to comment on your post after this one, but it wouldn't let me!

Oh girl, we should so get together and have a girl's nite in the hot tub with a box of cosmos!!!