Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why Men Get Lost

Me: "Good Morning [name of my company]"

He: "Can you tell me where you are located?"

Me: "Sure, we are at 123 Main Street, just north of Elm on the west side of the road."

He: "So are you before or after Elm? ... are you on the right or left side of the road?"

Me: *smirking now* "Yes, we are before and after Elm and we are on the right and left side of the road." " It depends where you are coming from, if you tell me that, I can give you precise directions"

He: "Thanks, yeah, great, I am at [gives me location].

Ms. OnStar: " I'll make this easier for you {Mr. Compass Head} ... go past Hamlin Pub, turn right at Burger King, go past the huge American Flag, and then turn left into the next driveway."

He: "Perfect, thanks, I know right where you are."

Hey at least this guy asked directions!


Michael said...

Ok, I'm so confused. Where's the Burger King at? I thought it was in front of the K-Mart, in which case your directions totally confuse me.

Nancy said...

DUH, you are a man lmao, ...did you think I would really post directions to my work? It was to relay how men can't understand directions, .... thanks for confirming, LOL

Michael said...

Duh is right - a true Captain Obvious moment. I thought those were the directions you actually gave the guy - LOL.

However, I'm good enough with understanding directions to know that yours didn't make sense (at least in the world of blogging.) I get props for that!

Nancy said...

LOL C.O. ... and only because you know where I actually work, where many readers don't ... you're funny!

sandi said...

In all fairness to C.O....
Marie called me before I read her post to tell me she KNOWS these are not the right directions so don't bother to correct her. Otherwise, I probably would have said, "No, you don't turn by the Burger King". LOL

Nancy said...

Yes, I did tell Sandi the Blog check Nazi, but only because I assumed she'd know that being a woman! LOL