Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Conversation Hearts

Caitlin as she is pilfering through the cupboards and refrigerator:

C: We have nothing to eat, nothing healthy.

Me: Everything you ask me to buy is in there,
your mac N cheese, your cheez-its, your
Mrs. Grass soup, your Stoffer's pizzas.

C: Well, I want to start eating healthier.

Me: Here is my debit card, go get healthy grocery's.
Make sure it is what you will eat. Get fresh vegi's for salads, fruit, etc.

Caitlin was gone for about an hour ... pulls up with
1 bag and 1 empty cup in her hand. *crumpled up, garbage*

Me: What happened to grocery shopping?

C: Oh, Jodie called just after I left, I met her for lunch.

*Gasp* Her idea of health food this afternoon:


Michael said...

LOL - I love it! Or should I say, I'm lovin' it. Cait is such a trip.

sgk213 said...

As skinny as caitlin is and she eats that stuff??

Nancy said...

oh yea! LOL, not my gene pool eh?

Beth said...

ahhhh ya, the good old healthy Big Mack that one.

Twisted Cinderella said...

teehee too cute!