Saturday, March 3, 2007

Dinner With a Perfect Stranger ...

... An Invitation Worth Considering. That was the title of the play presented at Kensington Church tonight. A performance scripted from the book of the same name, by David Gregory.

Good, a play, I like a break from the usual upbeat, electric, powerful services I find at Kensington. *wink*

The drama team at Kensington is as professional as any local theater company and I am always impressed with their performances. This presentation was awesome. The story takes place in an upscale Italian restaurant with "Nick" answering to an anonymous invitation to dinner. Thinking it is a prank by coworkers or his best friend, he checks it out. When he arrives at the restaurant, he finds himself reluctantly dining with a well groomed, perfectly relaxed man in suit and tie, that introduces himself as Jesus.

Imagine that, an evening with Jesus. Eating fine cuisine, drinking fabulous wine, and playing twenty questions. Nick asked the questions I am sure most of us would have, and without hesitation Jesus answered them. There was the humor that you would expect ... like when Nick first approached the dinner table and asked Jesus if twelve others were missing ... or his request to have Jesus turn his wine into water, by which Jesus asked the waiter for another glass of water for Nick. But of course it was the message of seeking Jesus into our lives that this dinner date was conveying.

I am going to buy the book tomorrow and read it over dinner.


Jonathon said...

i love being surprised by good local theatre!