Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nancy Carter and Don Cash

When I posted the 10 Things, Honest Scrap Meme, I said I lead when slow dancing. I also hoped said Don would break me of that habit.

Last night was dance lesson number two.

As before, it starts out with Arnie Palmers, to that we add vodka, then Don gets out his collection of CD's. Not just any CD mind you. His collection that he bought at 2AM ... as seen on TV.

Hank, June, Johnny, Patsy, even Elvis.

I've gone country!

[Rock and roll never forgets, but I'm diggin' old school country right now too]

We're dancing, Don is crooning, and I am feeling no pain.

Actually Don is a great singer, quite the romantic, and wows the crowd at karaoke.

Me? My family will attest that I can't carry a note in a hand basket. I mouth the words to "happy birthday" at family parties.

However, I sing perfect in the car and shower. Never a bad note, not pitchy, I know all the words, just prime for a record deal. Mmm-hummm

So back to last night. My Arnie's are taking away stage fright and I decide to spout out I will learn a song to sing. Maaaaaaay-be even a duet at karaoke? [Good Lord, I'd have to be blasted, right Captain Obvious?]

So, this is what I'm going to learn:


sherry lee said...

A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n roll...not a bad combination! My oldest (at 21) loves Johnny Cash (go figure -- and he's into a ton of indie bands...).

Now if you are going to duet at karaoke and this is what you are going to sing...I insist that it will not be complete until you have "the big hair". Seriously.

Michael said...

Go for it! I think I can rival you for the most dreadful sounding singing voice, and even I have done kareoke. 3 times in fact. Completely sober. Well, maybe not the last time, but definitely the first two. And the best part, I won the office kareoke competition! (Which doesn't say much for the people I was up against, LOL!)

Michael said...

P.S. I'm totally diggin' country now too...although a little more Rascal Flatts and Carrie Underwood than old school.

And now for the really nosey Don just a friend???

zelzee said...

I love the fact that you are thinking of trying karaoke......

You couldn't get enough vodka in me to get me to sing in public!!!!

dkuroiwa said... we talk? To be perfectly honest, I grew up on Hank, June, Patsy, especially Elvis (and lots of Willie, Waylon and all those other guys!!). I learned to 2-step with my daddy, uncles, cousins and everyone else 'cause honey, where I'm from, we ALL learned....and the drunker my feet were, the better the whole evening went!
But, I have to say....if you wanna really get close to someone, that's the way to do it. I do so love 2-steppin' and jitter buggin'...great fun.
And all that 'line dancing'? As my Daddy used to say..."only for dumbasses who don't know how to 2-step"....or older ladies who call it "exercise"!!

Scoot a boot baby!!

and yeah...I was wondering what Michael was wondering about, too!!

Thomas said...

Does Don really sing June's part?

Cause you're gonna need to keep it low, to hinder the screeching sound.

But you can where the red dress.

San said...

Thomas__ It's "wear" not "where."
Yes, I really am the grammar and spelling police = ).

Thomas said...

Hey San....