Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Broken Heart

I've written about the many geese that are around the grounds where I work. The poop! Ugh, I don't even need to go there.

I like looking out my window and watching them walk the grounds and stop traffic with the confidence of entitlement. They are beautiful and more important to me, they are monogamous. They find their mate, pair up and live the happily ever after that eludes most humans.

Last Friday, I was leaving to go to the bank when I saw, on the side of the road, one of the geese had been hit by a car. It was dead. That alone was sad, but the surviving mate standing on the side of the road thisclose to her, just about broke my heart.

He. Just. Stood. There.

On my way back from the bank, I noticed the city must have come and picked up the dead one.

Her mate still waited along the side of the road.

He was sitting, right in the spot she had been laying. I can't believe I started bawling. My heart got stuck in the middle of my throat. I could barely look. A goose! A poopy goose!

When I left work at 5:30, I was glad to see he was gone. But wait, he wasn't. He had moved up the berm, positioned himself under a tree, and was waiting.

I forgot about him this weekend, and as I went in this morning, really didn't notice one way or the other if he was there.

This afternoon, during the snow, I looked out the window. I swallowed as I watched him walk from one side of the drive to the other and back again. Once again, my heart was stuck smack dab in the middle of my throat.

I'm not sure who's heart is hurting more, his or mine. I never thought I'd get so upset over a GOOSE of all things.

Spring is almost here, he'll find his new mate. I know he will be fine.


Thomas said...

A short Haiku for you, Mr. Goose:

Lost flower,
stands upon the snow.
Cold Breeze.

lis said...

Oh sob... He will find another, hope a new flock comes around soon.. That is just soo sad!!

Kellan said...

Oh, this makes me so sad too! Don't you love how he loved her, though. I hope he finds another mate soon - poor thing. And, a warm hutch to hunker down in - make some babies! Now, I'm getting carried away. This was so sad.

Take care, Nancy - see you soon - Kellan

Patience said...

Oh my. That is so sad!

They mate for life. Do they get another mate if they lose the first one? I don't know that much about geese marriages.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Tenacious goose, huh? And patient. Poor little guy.


Gnightgirl said...

Poor boy. Maybe there's a nesty somewhere that he's guarding over? Wahhhhh

Michael said...

Monogamous? Really?

San said...

Little known fact about Canadian Geese: Canada geese (and swans) do mate for life. Mated pairs not only raise and protect their young together, but also look out for one another over the course of their lives. One mate will stay by the other's side if injured or dying, even if the rest of the flock is moving on. They are extremely devoted to one another.

It is certainly possible that when one goose dies, the survivor will find a new partner. However, as with people, every goose is different. Whether or not a goose decides to pursue a new mate involves a number of factors, many of which we don't fully understand. Members of pair that have been together for many years are probably less likely to take a new mate than had the situation involved a younger pair -- but it is still up to the individual bird.

Canada geese are very social creatures, so the lone goose will always have a flock to be associated with when he or she chooses to socialize again. (Sometimes geese in mourning will stay by themselves.) It is possible that the goose will become a loner, but it is impossible to generalize. Again, it depends on the specific goose's "personality."

This and more interesting info on Canadian Geese can be found here:

San said...

If only I applied myself as much to my work tasks as I do to my blog comments!

Nancy said...

San: You and Thomas always leave the best comments.


Thomas said...

**must out-do San**
**must out-do San**
**must out-do San**

Okay, so what is it about your blogs that stick in my head. I mean REALLY... Steve Buscemi stuck in my head so much I had to blog him out myself!!

Now this damn Goose was bugging me all day. And don't you know that I had the notion to ask everyone to clap their hands like they were reviving Tink - to bring the she-geese back to life.

**Must out-do San**

linda in c-town said...

I must say it's always interesting to see what your next "blog" subject will be. I love this one! I love critters of all kinds, be it beast or fowl. This story was so heartfelt. I want to go out and find that goose and bring him home. (well maybe not all the way home) I did know that swans mated for life. I did not know that Canadian geese did also. Thanks for the info San.