Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's not unusual...

or IS it?

Don and I were cracking up, making fun of talking about Tom Jones the other night.

Here is an entertainer, and I will admit, he can entertain [just not quite sure what category to list him in] that most either like, or NOT.

Nancy raises hand to the not part.

I suppose his voice isn't too irritating, yet I can't help to believe that all the hip swaying, pelvis thrusting, and sweaty scarf throwing is more the lure for the women who adore him.

The sixties labeled him "sexy" [by who's definition I'll never figure out] and the tight pants were the rage. I never understood his wardrobe. When I look at pictures of him in his "puffy sleeve shirts" I immediately think of the hilarious Seinfeld episode "The Puffy Shirt".

I'm going to bypass his hits, yeah he's had them. I prefer to think the songs as hits due to content and writing than the performance.

What an "unusual" fellow he really is:
  • Married at 16, and still with the same woman over 52 years.
  • Has cheated and had affairs, more than he can count.
  • Major 2 year affair: Mary Wilson of the Supremes
  • Has odd sex habits [just g00gle it yourself, I'm not going there]
  • Took Elvira's virginity which landed her in ER [see above]
  • 2005 The Queen Knighted him. [hu?]
  • Thinks Angelina Jolie defines sexy.
  • etc., etc., etc.
Perhaps he is all that and a can of Pringles, but I just don't get it!

Seriously, I'd rather watch these guys than Tom~

From the movie "The Full Monty"
Ladies, watch till the end if you haven't already see this movie.


sherry lee said...

Tom was definitely a product of the 60s...he had a specific fan base -- slightly older women who were just beginning to express their own sexuality. He was the British answer to Elvis in some ways...a combination crooner like Frank Sinatra and sexy symbol like Elvis. He wasn't my cup of tea but my mother thought he and Englebert Humperdink were outta this world!! lol!!!

Nancy said...

Sherry: very well said, but still, ewwwww, the creep factor for me, LOL

Thomas said...

Well why the hell not.
Who doesn't want a gender splitting phallus gyrating before one's face... come on now.

So you liked the Full Monte...
Try watching "Kinky Boots" written and directed by the same folks.

F'in Hilarious.

linda in c-town said...

Love the Full Monte!

Also love the new look of your blog site.

Betty said...

Yeah, TJ is kinda creepy.

Too bad the camera was facing the wrong way at the end of Full Monte......


Patience said...

At some point, at some age, these old "sex symbols" need to quit singing, dancing, gyrating. Tom Jones was pretty okay in his time. But now?? Noooooo!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm sorry. I'm so distracted by that red suit I have no idea what you just said.


Michael said...

I don't even know who Tom Jones is, but he must be doing something right if he's got people talking about him (and even made it to a MM blog post!) I once heard there's no such thing as bad publicity...

Bruce said...

I will stand up and state for the record that I dig Mr. Jones. The man can entertain, and his songs are really good to listen to while jogging or driving on the freeway. His rendition of "Thunderball" for the James Bond film of the same name is fabulous. If I were a woman, I would be throwing my panties on stage (as many of his concert fans do).