Saturday, April 11, 2009

Halle Berry Shares a Secret

Halle Berry is beautiful, funny, smart, and talented.

So is her baby daddy significant other.

Well, I don't know if he's funny. He's smart enough to hook Halle, talented enough [smirk] to keep her interest, and indeed, very beautiful handsome.

In this months Bazaar magazine, 42 year old Halle confesses that having a younger (33 year old Gabriel Aubry) man in her life is the key to keeping her "mojo" going.

So does this make Halle a "cougar"?

Looking back at the men I've dated, I realize there was only one that was older than me. The youngest I dated had a 9 year difference. The older I get, the gap closes. Dating a 21 year old wasn't appealing when I was 28 or 29, or even 25 for that matter. I think it's more about the level of maturity and life experiences.

When my kids were still at home, I'd never date anyone who hadn't been married or had never had children. I knew they wouldn't understand the "kid or the ex-husband thing".

Now when it comes to age and dating, I pretty much think guys a little younger then me make a better fit. Most have done the marriage/divorce/raised kids thing and are ready to reclaim their own lives, yet they still have a direction with a goal that needs to be reached. I'm not one to just sit idle. I'll probably never "retire".

I think someone oh, let's say about 5 years 3 months younger than me could keep my "mojo" in check. *wink*

Single women? Do you date younger men, or age really doesn't play a role for you?


sherry lee said...

I don't see you as a "cougar" at all...and I can't believe there's a new program on tv called "The Cougar"!! Well, okay, I can "believe" it but I think it's insane (then again, I think most "reality" tv is insane!).

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I'm not single. But I have a huge crush -- a benign, innocent, chaste crush, mind you -- on a kid 13 years younger than I am.

For what that's worth.


Michael said...

'When my kids were still at home, I'd never date anyone who hadn't been married or had never had children. I knew they wouldn't understand the "kid or the ex-husband thing".'

Lessons learned the hard way from T and J???

zelzee said...

Actually I'm a sucker for an older man.............

If I could find any older than me.........

Nancy said...

Michael: Yeah, I probably should phrase that to say "quit dating men who never had kids or ex's".

T had been married, no kids.
J had a kid, no marriage.

Thomas said...

Once the word "cougar" enters into a sentence in the context it is being used; is conversation really the paramount social parameter being sought.

Heck, I say get your freak on with the nearest hottie that fancies ya.


Nancy said...

Thomas: *wink*

Michael said...

LOL @ Thomas...age is just a number. If you meet somebody and connect, then go for it.

Although, if he's younger than Bryan, then it starts to get a little creepy. Think Linda Hogan.

Good luck :)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I could TOTALLY see you pulling a that off! You go HAWT mama!

Ree said...

Hmmmmmmm. Now who could be 5 years and three months younger than you?

Cougar. (yes, I'm pointing at you)

Beth said...

so who is 5 months and 3 days younger than you, hhmmmm??! ;)


Linda and her Twaddle said...

Cougar is someone who tries to be younger than she is. Halle Berry is comfortable with herself, her age and is very at ease in her own skin.

A woman can be perfectly delicious even when she is older (says me who is 45 anyway).

Nancy said...

Linda: I concur, I think Halle doesn't fit the "cougar" image and for me, age doesn't make a difference anymore.

Well, except, I couldn't "date" anyone I could have given birth to, =)

Betty said...

I've always liked younger men. And Halle could never be a cougar, just as Demi Moore couldn't be. When you look that good, age is truly a non-issue.