Friday, May 1, 2009

All three Mikes are Winners but ....

I've written about my brother Mike, and linked many times to his son, my nephew, Michael (Captain Obvious). My sister San, who isn't a blogger but leaves her hilarious comments peppered throughout the blog-o-sphere, also has a son named Mike.

Back it up, I have a brother Mike, and two nephews named Mike. I really wanted to name my son Mike, but his father had no sense of humor when it came to naming his only son.

Anyway, all that info has nothing to do with my post to follow, but for my regular nothing good on TV, I'll read Marie Millard readers, the Mike issue can get confusing.

Actually, we refer to them as Mike, (brother) Michael, (San's son, oldest nephew) and Mikie (lol, sorry Captain Obvious) within the family just to keep them straight.

OK, so this post is really about nephew #1 Michael. Mr. Texas Hold'em.

He plays almost every night on occasion and is pretty good lucky.

Last night he was in a tournament, winner gets a flight to Las Vegas at the end of the month, 4 nights at the Rio and ::: drum roll please ::: a seat at the 40th Annual World Series of Poker, no limit Texas Hold'em ... including entry $$$.

He won it!

I hope my June 1st post will be all about his winnings!

Actually, he IS my favorite nephew, being the first born and all.

If he doesn't win the final hand, he'll go back to being one of my 4 favorite nephews *wink*


zelzee said...

I know NOTHING about poker.........I'm a roulette kinda girl!

Congrats to #1 Michael (not to be confused with Mike or Mikie)....actually, I am following you on this......

Nancy said...

zelzee: My Kindred Casino Babe ... poker? hu? That has to do with cards? AND ... roulette is my game too!

sherry lee said...

woo that's a win even if he comes home empty handed!

Karin said...

Congrats to Michael! We have a friend who keeps trying to get into one of the Vegas tournaments, but he's apparently a rotten Hold 'Em player and never wins. We often watch the televised tournaments, so we'll look for Michael. Egads, I don't think I've seen him since he was a toddler! I'll recognize the name, though.

P.S. I haven't checked in much lately, but I loved your last post, too. Good luck with your June Carter Cash impersonation. I have to confess I listen to country music, too. I can only take so much of jazz or classical; I'm sick to death of the old rock and roll stuff; and I'm too old to like the new stuff (for the most part). Country's the only thing I can take on a regular basis. And I'm the bomb at belting it out in my car---where nobody can hear me.....

Michael said...

I'm rolling at the idea of naming Bryan "Mike". You could have just assigned us numbers to keep us straight. LOL @ Mikie...when I read that, I immediately thought of the pictures of Bill holding me up while I'm playing in the garbage totally random thought for the night.

Thomas said...

Mikey - Even numbers could have kept all of you Straight.

*bats eyes at OTHER Micheal if he wins big* oh come on, you know I'm easy.