Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Play it Again Sam

I'll be in San Fransisco Thursday through Sunday. I'm returning on the red-eye Sunday night, arriving in Detroit at 5:10 A phucking M. I anticipate 4 days of enough fun to compensate for the crash and burn I will have on Monday.

Oh wait ... Monday, I'm meeting Ree and Sunshine for the first time, in Lansing MI for dinner. It's only an hour and 45 minute drive from my house. Girls? I may pull a dine and dash, unless I get a nap during the day. Then again, I could just drink Red Bull martinis.

So while I'm away, four of my favorite "reads" have agreed to guest post. I asked them to pilfer through their underwear drawer archives and repost one of their own favorites.

Be sure to check back over the next few days and see their fave's they liked enough to "play it again".

Thursday ..... Ree from My Life As a Hotfessional
Friday.......... Delmer from What's a Delmer Look Like
Saturday ..... Joan from Southern Suburbia
Sunday ....... Michael from Captain Obvious

Thank you guys!

*The real line,that has been forever misquoted from Casablanca is:
" Play it Sam, play as time goes by."


San said...

If you're lucky, the red-eye flight will be empty & you'll have enough room to sprawl out and sleep. Have a great time...I know you will.
xo, San
p.s. can i call your voice mail & talk while you're gone?

p.s.s. guess who ate the pizza? (hint: it wasn't me)

Mrs. G. said...

Have loads of fun!

Gnightgirl said...

Have a great time; I can hardly wait to hear all about it. I read about BlogHer every year after, but don't quite understand what it is that happens there, besides lots of partying...which makes me want to sign up for next year!

Sunshine said...

I'm super excited you'll be drinking Red Bull martinis.

And Lansing is ONLY 14 hours from my house....*snort*

Jami said...

Yeah, I'm jealous - red-eye and all. Have fun!

Michael said...

Safe travels!

dkuroiwa said...

Oh!! Have an incredibly wonderful time. Take pictures...take notes..let us know all the fashion "do's and don't" that were going on out there!!

Karin said...

Have a great time, Nancy!

Liz said...

Great blog!

Sherry said...

Have fun!!!!

sgk213 said...

Have fun in CA. I'll be waiting to hear all about it.

ByJane said...

oh dear, I left the comment to this post on the Cuffs post. I am, you might say, verklempt.

linda in c-town said...

I know you'll have a wonderful time!