Saturday, July 12, 2008

Morning Rendezvous

Project Black No.3

Every morning, it's me and Keurig

You're wondering how long this project lasts?
Me too, I'm just following the leader.


Robin said...

Mmmm... coffeee!

San said...

I love my Keurig!

Sherry said... first I had NO clue what this picture was...and I'm not familiar with Keurig...and I've got a splitting allergy headache and finally having some coffee but I thought that was your toilet!!! LMAO....and I'm not too proud to say how dumb I feel!!! But hey, if it was your toilet, it's might fine looking!! lol! :)

Michael said...

Jay LOVES his Keurig!

CoffeeMan said...

If you love your Keurig, You'll love free K-Cups for it :). Check this website, they have Weekly K-Cups Giveaways

dkuroiwa said...

Must. have. coffee. now.
It's too early to go to bed and you've tempted me. Great photo!!
Hey...come over to my place...I have something for you!!!

Raven said...

Wow. What a pretty coffee maker (that is what it is, isn't it?) I love the reflection in the shot. Cool angle. Takes 4 and 5 are nifty too. Love the shadow in #4 and the cuffs collage is full of interesting shots and angles. Very cool.