Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Weekend Warrior Wrap-up

I recently bought a blue fishing pole. It always knotted up and wasn't working well. It never caught any "keepers" and never a walleye. Really, the thing was a bad seed.

Don bought me a new rod and reel last Friday. A pink one.

She's a Shakespeare Ladyfinger. A portion of the proceeds goes to Breast Cancer Awareness. Yeah Don for wanting to help save the boobies! This is what she looks like. I call her PINK. (unlike my other secret boyfriend, Mr. Pink)

First day out she caught a 5 lb. silver bass and 2 small perch. She has possibilities.

Okay, now more water shots. Here's a totally different idea of "Lake St. Clair" for those of you not living in Michigan.

We went out about seven miles to the channel. Fishing wasn't as plentiful as we had hoped for, but the freighters were.

How about this beautiful sailboat? There were many others out there.

We stayed out to watch the sunset. These photos are SOC, no photo-shopping or touching them up. Yes, it was this beautiful. Romantic too *wink*

One more thing.

Cheyne (Don's son) ... you are so flippin' sweet!

He knows what I'm talking about.

Picture this (because there is NO picture)

Lucille Ball ( AKA moi)

Buzzers ... hair ... guard on #3 ... hair looking nice ... guard off ... shaving neck and around ears ... all looking nice... one small area FRONT AND CENTER that needed #3 to even out ... Nancy Lucy forgets she's in shave mode and hits it ...ZIP.

OMG I thought I'd die. Know what Cheyne said?

"Take it all down to #1 and it'll grow back."

Can you believe it? No freaking out, no shocked deer-in-the-headlights look.

He even hugged me goodbye!

Think he'll give me a second try?


Patience said...

Nice pics!

Gnightgirl said...

Great pix, I love living vicariously living on the lake with you! Too funny about the haircut. I've been "grooming" my mom's pekinese, poor thing; I would never try this on a human, after the mess I make with that poor dog.

Beth said...

oh that sailboat is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Karin said...

Great photos. I take it you replaced the camera that went into the drink as well as the fishing rod? Glad you got one that actually catches fish..... ;-)

TX Poppet said...

Gawrjuss pics. I give you props for even attempting to cut hair. Big hooray for Cheyne.

Michael said...

LOL...the hair mishap is a riot! I just buzzed mine off two weeks ago and it's already back in...grows quick!

Ree said...

I did that to Mr. Hot once! He loved it, but I refuse to take it that far anymore. ;-)

Nancy said...

Ree: LMAO, you Minx ... are you talking about the shaving of his head or the romance on the water [smirk]

zelzee said...

There is not one guy alive (young or old) that wouldn't care WHAT his haircut looks like with a beautiful blonde doing the cutting!!!!

Great pics.