Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preview...come back for the follow-up!

This coming weekend is going to be so much fun. (I know, like I haven't already been having more than my share this summer?)

Dons hometown, St. Clair, Michigan is hosting their annual Riverfest.

We're going to leave Friday morning by huge ass boat and stay through the weekend, on the boat. Yes! I'm already loving it.

Don has a new moped/scooter "Sunny" that we'll be taking to tool around town on. She looks like this, except green. (I'm sure she'll get in some pics this weekend)

The festival has a carnival for the kids.(carnies scare the be-jesus out of me)

On the schedule are off-shore boat races, all four days Friday-Monday. Kind of like the one held this past weekend just outside Don's canal on Lake St. Clair. Here are a few shots. Yes, it was awesome to watch!

(click pictures to view larger)

Music and bands are scheduled through out the weekend. Eddie Money and American Idol's Josh Gracin will be there.

I think the best part will be the fact that this is Dons home town and he'll probably see many old friends. His folks and sibs will all be there too.

I'm going to pace myself ... all this excitement makes me forget that vodka needs to be doled out with respect to food intake! On second thought .....

"I've got two tickets to paradise..."


Ree said...

After this past weekend, I'm convinced I can't keep up with you. ;-)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

This is the best summer ever.


Michael said...

The scooter is for real??? LOL