Monday, July 6, 2009

July 3,4,5th

Friday, Don and I went with friends to Luna Kai Tiki Bar by boat.

My friend Pat's band, No One Else, was playing outdoors by the water on this beautiful night. For some reason, the dancing hadn't started yet. Mary, Cindy, Verna, and myself solved that faster than we could take the first sip of many cocktails that weekend.

Steve, Mary, Verna, Cindy, me

White pants, shoes kicked off, yes, they were filthy by nights end. And speaking of end, indeed I was doing the booty dance but geeeez Louise, baby's got back in this photo.

Steve, Cindy, me, and Don

Don was kind enough to let me take a seat ... or did I fall into his lap?

The next day Don and I went on his boat to MacRay Harbor to meet with others and commence getting our party on. Mind you, this is my first year experiencing the whole "boating" thing. I have a lot to learn. I'll make this brief, skip through the parts that embarrass me I can't quite remember, and just say I had a great weekend. Thank you D! Look here:

  • Picture of Don in his cowboy hat on the way to MacRays.
  • Picture of the 42' Maxum we stayed on.
  • Picture of all the boats tied off.
  • Picture of Sue, Gil, Steve, Mary, Joe, Kristen, Steve, and Cindy.
  • Picture of Don, smiling with a cocktail.
  • Picture of Don in the dingy.
  • Picture of us three girls in the dingy.
  • Picture of Nancy being awaken by Don after passing out in bed (in wet shorts).
  • Pictures of the awesome firework display MacRay put on.
  • Pictures from the crazy gauntlet at Muscamoot Bay
  • Etc., etc., etc.
Don't ask ... stuff happens when you start with Bloody Marys for breakfast, Vodka and Lemonade for lunch, and who gives a crap as long as it's on ice for dinner!

Stuff = camera went overboard the first night. It didn't float. [smirk]

As much fun as I had, I've learned:

  • I can't party like a rock star.
  • I can't party like a rock star three days in a row.
  • I can't keep up drink for drink with Don.
  • I met some really nice people ... on a boat.
  • I am lucky to have Don ... one of the last "good guys".


sherry lee said...

You my dear Marie Millard...are having the time of your life!!! :)

Ree said...

WAIT! Where's the PICTURES?

Oh wait. Is that the whole camera thing?

Nancy said...

Ree: mhm, camera w/memory card are at bottom of Lake St. Clair ... so I can only tell you what I remember was on there.

Joan said...

Looks like you were leading the way!

Karin said...

I'm exhausted just from the description of the partying....Sounds like tons of fun, though.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Despite what you say, it sure looks to me like you're partying like a rock star.


zelzee said...

I would love one more weekend like that before I get too old......

Oh, wait.............I am.

You just keep having fun. Life is way too short!

Bruce said...

I think there are supposed to be more pictures to go with all the captions....but I am not going to ask.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Looks like fun....I am jealous! :) You look the way!