Friday, July 17, 2009

::Gasp:: Naked Boating

Yesterday was HOT 86ish.

The lake had tiny whitecaps, but Don and I decided it would be a great day to go fishing.

We took off, out further than last time, to a spot where his neighbor was having luck. We were just out past my last post showing the freighters.

The wind was picking up, the waves were rolling, not another boat in sight. I was diggin' it. I love just laying there, holding the fishing pole, sipping cocktails, feeling the rock of the boat, hearing the waves smack the side. Ahhhhh, nothing better.

Don got a bite ... one bite ... one little perch.

Nancy ... nothing.

For me, it's not as important to catch, as it is just spending some time shutting down the brain and enjoying our conversations.

We were out for a couple hours and the wind was really picking up.

Me: "Don, what is that red chopper doing over head?"

Don: "Just the coast guard."

Me: ::: Holds up bottle, salutes the international gesture for cheers :::

Coast Guard: Waves and takes off.

Me: "Damn, I think I just missed a mooning opportunity. "

Anyway, it was time. Sun beautifully glowing as it goes down, waves really rolling in and no fish.

We headed back, but it was so rough out there the boat would not get "on plane" (yeah my non-boater buds, go link-look, I didn't know either). This was going to be a longer ride back.

We were rocking and bobbing. Don assured me we'd be fine, but I didn't even think otherwise. He's a great Captain and the thought that we wouldn't be fine never crossed my mind. Actually, I was enjoying the ride.

The weather was still quite warm but the spray from the lake was cold. We started getting soaked. I had on a tank and jean cut-offs. Don had a T and light-weight shorts. The wetter we got, the colder it felt. I looked over and Don had his shirt off, hanging from the boat to dry. I could see he was warmer that way because the air was warm. Next his shorts came off. I was laughing and grabbing the camera at the same time.

He was piloting the boat buck-nekkid, the air was warm and he was dry.

Me, cold and wet.

What the heck, we were the only ones on the lake. Seriously ... not a soul around. Off came my clothes. I was warm and dry and standing there in my birthday suit.

Don hung my clothes up in the wind to dry too, but just then, his T-shirt broke loose and was gone. No way was I going risk my clothes going to the abyss, so I reeled them in to safety.

We made it almost back to his place before we put our clothes on, dry for the most part, and even then, there wasn't anyone in sight.

Upside, I like naked boating.
Downside, I like naked boating ... I see more fodder ahead.

Pictures???? He'd kill me!

*** This is really a PSA in survival and how to stay warm in this kind of situation. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ***


Joan said...

Every blog post needs pictures!

Nancy said...

Joan: I think I'll keep them for my private stock ;)

sherry lee said...

I think this is only fair...the fish are naked, why should those who are on the other end of the rod be clothed??! :) I have this fabulous visual of a nekkid Nancy grabbing her clothes before they went the way of the wind!!! lol!!

Twisted Cinderella said...

LOL too darned funny!!

Ree said...

Y'know - just because you couldn't see the binoculars, it doesn't mean they weren't trained on you!

lis said...

'Freedom' and 'Sharing' how sweet it is....

The Laughing Idiot said...

Too funny!

I've never been into fishing. My version would be like this:
1. Pole in the water (worm optional).
2. Drink in hand.
3. Request another drink.
4. Claim, "The fish just aren't biting for me today, honey."
5. Get another drink.

Sounds like a lovely afternoon.

Michael said...

*gasp* Naked boating...I'm shocked.

Not really.