Monday, April 9, 2007

Our New Puppy (?)

Caitlin wants a new puppy so bad. ::pout:: I told her as soon as she gets her own apartment, she can get as many "new puppies" as she wants.

Since Bryan's "puppy" Bently, is a year now, and not living with us anymore, she is more intent on getting one.


Quinn, our 10 year old "puppy" works for me.


Saturday I surprised her with a new pup ... well sort of. I told her this Beta Fighting Fish is her new pit bull of the fishbowl. With a smirk and a few "awwwwe, how cute" remarks, she is temporarily satisfied. We named him "Puppy". Look, he's even smiling!


Michael said...

Definitely not as cuddly as Quinn or Bently, but still very cute.

Beth said...

oh god, I want Quinn to be mine! Love that little face....and the little pouty face is pretty cute too.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

When she is ready to adopt a dog I strongly suggest going to an adoption -type agency and getting an older dog. When we adopted Day-Z she was already housebroken! What a treat for us, and puppies take up so much time to train.

Puppies are cute....but they require a huge commitment.

Nancy said...

Oh yea, for sure ... we have a Humane Society about a mile away that she visits way too much!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Love the dogs AND the Betta (I've got a Betta named Brutus!)

Biddy said...

haha we had a blue beta named "taco"

i'm not sure why...

jake's beta is named "ducky"

i'm seeing a pattern here