Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Blue Martini ...

... Birmingham, Michigan

Has been D-Listed.

I was in Birmingham last Sunday and took this photo before they begin to renovate this nightclub that brought much unwanted attention to this city. I have been in there a few times. It's everything I've heard about it. Expensive.Snobby.Crowded. but I will say, they always had a great band, safely staged above and behind the bar.

Birmingham can be described as the city that is There is still the upscale shopping, fine dining, and couture boutiques. The well known local people from politicians to media personalities from sports figures to corporate big wigs can be seen shopping or dining there.

It's snobby.

The Blue Martini shares lost their liquor license, along with the City Cellar restaurant, last week.

Over the past couple years, it has been the L.A.-wanna-be night club. Host to money, underage drinking, after hour drinking, parties that included illegal stripping, and knock-down-drag-out fights.

Such a pretty sight seeing a Prada purse being wailed at a woman with her Gucci bag held up as a shield of armor on the following morning news.

After months of police calls and warning from the city, this past week their $750,000 liquor license was not renewed.

Usually a place to be seen at for visiting performers, where are the Tommy Lee and Paris Hilton types going to hang out now when they come to town?


Michael said...

I try not to go to Birmingham. The last time I was there, Jay and I were cruising around in the TT with the top down. All the high school kids with their 100K cars made me feel like I was white trash. The nerve of them.

Nancy said...

yep, you got the feel for Birmingham alright, lol

Joan said...

interesting, I've never been to Birmingham but I may be going to Michigan for the first time over Labor Day. My college is playing Michigan (and will get killed) at the Big House.

Nancy said...

Birmingham is about an hour drive from Ann Arbor, you will have way more fun in Ann Arbor, well except yep, your team will get killed. Glad your are coming up though.

No house like the Big House.

tfg said...

Detriot scares me and I'm from Baltimore.

Beth said...

just don't send 'em to my house! Hey, they could hang out at the Wagon Wheel in my little town...they'd feel right at home.