Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dumbman vs Doberman

Right across from where I work is a subdivision of upper priced homes ... nothing shabby. Today's weather is 48 degrees and cold cold pouring down rain, nonstop.

The first guy to get to work this morning came in at 7 AM. He noticed there was wailing and barking coming from across the street. I got in around 9AM and kept watching for the owner to come let this dog in. This went on all morning.

There are bushes, so I can't really see into their unfenced yard. I left for lunch around 1PM and drove across the street and saw this pitiful drenched beautiful dog tied to the air conditioning unit with about 5 feet of cording. No food bowls, no water .... duh, like he needed any more, no dog house or shelter of any kind. Not even a patio table to take cover under.

I came back and called animal control. I know they will take the dog, ticket the owner, and make them pay to retrieve him from the shelter.

I wish they would just tie the owner up exactly like he did to this dog and make him stay outside for the 8+ hours he has made this dog stay out ... all the while having a hose of water being sprayed on him.

Actually someone this dumb and heartless would miss the whole point in that kind of punishment.


Sher said...

That kind of stuff just kills me. I can't stand to see or hear about a dog being mistreated. I always think of my own four-legged babies. I'm glad you called Animal Control.

Beth said...

that is so sad...and it kills me too. Don't hurt an animal! all they want to do is love you! Jerk!

Can you imagine how sad that dog is? oh god, this is killing me..I gotta go cry now.

Nancy said...

Yea Sher and Beth, I hate seeing any animal mistreated ... the real sad part is after being left out all day, I bet in 5 minutes that dog was licking and loving the owner ... they are such devoted animals.

Dixie said...

That kind of shit makes me mad. If you don't want the dog, give it to someone who does.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Hey there...nice place you've got here! :)

Animal abuse INFURIATES me. They just busted a Pit Bull fighting ring here in Orlando and had to put over 60 dogs to sleep....NOTHING makes me angrier than people who abuse helpless animals (especially dogs, for some reason...they're my most favorite).

Good for you for calling animal control!

Nancy said...

Dixie:So true, I relate to Elle May Clampet, lol ... I'd take in more animals if I could.

Stacy: Thanks for stopping by, and yes, such a shame how people treat animals that offer such unconditional love.

Gnightgirl said...

Ugh, I hate that. I'm glad you called them in!