Thursday, May 10, 2007

Pizza, Beer, and Jesus

I was recently having an argument discussion with a friend of mine. Some of my points of view on life have changed since I started going to Kensington Church. Although he had a different point of view, I related my feelings to parallel something that had been the topic of a recent service.

It was his final "come back" that made me laugh.

He said to me ...
"If you expect perfection, you should date Jesus".

Wow, just what kind of date would that be?

We could start with conversation over a glass of water wine. Then we could go for a walk on the beach water and stay to watch the sunset.

I wouldn't wonder if he likes me, I already know he does. I could openly talk about my regrets, fears, and hopes with ease. He understands exactly how I am feeling, no male communication problem there.

There would certainly be lots of laughter, he knows and appreciates my sense of humor. He has seen it in action, sometimes with embarrassment and pleas prayers to "help get me out of this one".

I think the best part is that with all my flaws and failures, it's my potential and effort that he acknowledges rather than to point out my weaknesses.

Truth is, I have a date with him everyday.


euchredeb said...

Good post Nancy. We all need a date with Jesus. I usually have mine when I work in my yard. Some of our best talks have been when I am pulling weeds. I always think it is the physical activity that makes me feel refreshed but maybe it is the conversation I have with Jesus that renews me.

Dixie said...

I'd have pizza and beer with Jesus any day!

I'm sure most of the date would be spent discussing ways for me to curb the cursing.

Beth said...

great post!!! loved it. My dates wtih Jesus are some of the best!

Pendullum said...

But I hear that you could be a bit intimadated when he brings you home to meet the famly...

Michael said...

Well said!

Joan said...

He would be helpful around the house being a carpenter. (That was really bad.)
I would feel very intimidated and scared to be around Him but I'm sure He would calm my fears.