Wednesday, May 23, 2007

"Click It or Ticket"

The national "Click It or Ticket" campaign began May 21st and runs through June 3rd.

Exhibit A ~ G Dubya ~

I realize the importance to run this safety awareness program. The sheriff department in the county I live and work, takes this very serious.

I know it is their intention to bring revenue awareness to our community.

The mile stretch in front of the building I work at is a favored place for our local men in brown to play work for this week.

They have it all figured out. With the trees and hills and driveways going into businesses down this mile, they have places to hide four or five patrol cars. During the morning rush, the mad lunch hour dash, and the get me home 5PM hour ... their tag, gotcha' game is in full force.

They have a car on each end of the mile, and radio to the ones in between and they pull these people over two and three at a time. $$Cha-ching$$

I am a believer in seat belts, but I admit, there have been times I have taken off and if it weren't for the obnoxious warning bell going off, I would have probably found myself offering up Dunkin-Donut gift certificates for a pardon on an oversight.


Dixie said...

I hate seat belts. I wear the thing, but it annoys the shit out of me.

Jen Magnuson said...

Every time this damn campaign comes up I get so irritated. I wear my seatbelt, so do all of my kids (plus a booster and a carseat). What chaps my hide is the fact that school buses across America are filled with children and not one of them is in a seatbelt! I just. Don't. Get. It. It has been such a pet peeve of mine!! I think we should have an online forum of moms and discuss this more thoroughly...what do you think?

Gnightgirl said...

I've gladly worn seatbelts since my sister spun out on black ice, back in the '80s. I picked her up to give her a ride home from the hospital, and she began vomiting blood when we were about a block away. Racing back to ER, a ride in the ambulance to another hospital... It turned out the blood was just what she swallowed from a bloody nose from the accident.

The car had one little scratch on it, and she looked and felt like holy hell for a week or so. I've been a seatbelt believer ever since (this before they were mandatory).

Nancy said...

dixie: I only hate them when I am dressed up and don't want to get wrinkled, but I still wear one.

Jen: I SO agree with that WTF?
Kids are our most precious cargo ... school buses FULL of them. Where is the logic in that?

Lori: I too have worn one before they were mandatory ... I have seen too many injuries that could have been prevented if they just wore a belt.

MargB said...

A coworker of mine was stung, I mean pulled over Monday - right in our office parking lot. He was waved over by the officer to the edge of the parking lot where he was one of three cars. He was clueless as to why he was asked to pull over, but did so anyway. When the officer asked, "Do you know why you were pulled over?" He said, "No." The exchange went from there. My coworker gave him his driver's license and proof of insurance. The office accused him of putting his seat belt on while waiting for him to finish with the other motorist pulled over. To make matters worse, the officer also lost my coworkers proof of insurance, and accused my coworker of never giving it to him. Apparently the office couldn't handle the volume of paperwork he was attempting Monday morning. My coworker got the ticket for the seat belt (that he was wearing, as he always does, by the way) but the officer "let go" the fact that he didn't have his proof of insurance - (which the officer must have returned to one of the other motorists pulled over). I can't wait for the court date...and I hope whom ever got my coworkers insurance mails it back!

Michael said...

I've always worn my seatbelt religously. I have a friend that was critically injured in a car accident because she had her seatbelt on. It held her securely in place when a Ford F-150 crashed into her much smaller car. Had she not had it on, she would moved with the wreckage instead of becoming wedged with the truck. Despite that, I'm still a firm believer.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

The Peanut King REFUSES to wear his seat belt. I always wear mine. I figure if I ever DO get pulled over and get a speeding ticket (and I do speed...A LOT!), they won't be able to nail me for no seat belt too.

Nancy said...

Marg: Hell yea, I'd face him in court too!

Michael: Moving with the wreck isn't always a good thing, she could have been moved right through the front windshield.

It's those damn skin burning air bags that freak me out!

Stacy: Smack him, lol... in my county, it is a $75 - $125 fine for no belt. $75 the first time $125 after that.

Michael said...

Jill's doctors said it was one of the few cases where wearing the seatbelt actually made it worse. What are those odds?