Friday, May 18, 2007

40 Hours or So

I'm sitting in my office, looking around, thinking I spend more time in this room then I do at my own house.

Here's the tour ... my desk (yes that is a Corian top) at which I Blog, pay my bills, make doctor appointments, file and polish my nails, call my sisters and girlfriends, balance my check books, and eat. Oh yea, I do all the bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, etc. for my employer here too.

Behind me is my storage. I have all my supplies to send out things that I sell on eBay, my radio/ CD player, and wrapping paper supplies for gifts I wrap on that nice big counter top. You can also see the fax machine and file server for our office computers, a charge card terminal, and the trusty electric pencil sharpener.

There is the view out my door into the owners office. That's my other chair to the left for my friends that come see me or meet for lunch. I also put Quinn there when he is at work with me on his day he goes to the groomer. *yea, I am being a smart azz* Oops, I cut the copy machine out of this photo ... it's there to the right, on that gray file cabinet.

So yeah, I work here, but I think I play, live, and run my life/family from this command center too.


Gnightgirl said...

Where is all your "crap?" Where is the lipbalm and sunglasses and coffee cups and rice cakes and headphones, and batteries and toiletpaper (cuz you ran out of kleenex)?

You're very tidy.

Nancy said...

I am pretty organized here.
Only because it makes my job a whole lot easier ... otherwise I'd welcome a mess ... or a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle to do when I am slow !

joan said...

I'm able to keep my office neat. Thanks for the tour and your insight on the Grey's finale.

Michael said...

It sounds like you should be paying your employer to work there :) Nice Saks bag.