Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bern's Steak House

Bern's Steak House in Tampa Florida ~ Won*Der*Ful

Bern's Lobby From the moment you enter the lobby of this legendary restaurant, Bern's Steak House displays its unique decor and its classic personality.

Kitchen Tour Stop One Bern's custom-built, 30-foot hardwood burning charcoal grill holds up to 200 steaks at once and our grill masters each have more than twenty years experience. In the kitchen, Bern's aged-to-perfection beef is custom cut to order for each guest. Steaks are cut, trimmed and weighed to order using three to four pounds of raw beef for every finished one pound steak that is served.*Chateaubriand, excellent!

Stop Two Three, 1,200-gallon fish tanks hold up to 650 pounds of live fish and our lobsters are flown in fresh, three times a week from New England. Every day, vintage coffee machines roast premium, hand-sorted beans from around the world to create our signature coffees.

Wine Cellar Bern's Wine Cellar houses the most extensive selection of wines of any restaurant in the world. The restaurant's cellar features 90,000 bottles which represents only about 15 percent of Bern's complete wine collection. * Just lock me in with a wine key and a glass.

Dessert Room After dining, visit the Harry Waugh Dessert Room where you can choose from nearly 50 desserts, wines, ports, sherries and madeiras in one of 48 private rooms.
*Cherries Jubilee, delicious!