Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Treasure, With a Double Entendre

I am leaving for Florida tomorrow morning. Figures, Michigan is experiencing a "heat wave" and promises of a nice weekend is ahead. Still, Florida will be a welcomed change. Tampa predictions are in the mid to high 70's, I can do that!

I remember beach time being all about laying there carefully posed in a bathing suit, designer sun glasses, and slathered with oil in anticipation of a volleyball accidentally-on-purpose landing by my girlfriend and me as some six pack male species jogs over to retrieve it. The time spent on beaches in my youth were all about not getting burned, polishing toe nails, trying to get sand out of wet polish, and attracting hot guys.

I also remember how cute I though it was to see old people walking the beach. Men in their "tourist" fashion of fishing hat, sear sucker shirt, madras shorts, white socks and sandals. The women with "muumuus" (you know I spell checked that), big floppy hats, flip-flops and a bag to carry their beach combed treasures.

Off in the distance you could see a relaxed but focused man with his metal detector. I always wondered what treasures beyond shells, star fish, or sea glass could be found. I'll let you know because that is what I hope to do. I want to rent a metal detector, don more stylish albeit age appropriate beach wear and have a treasure hunt.

When my son Bryan was about seven years old, a friend of mine gave him a metal detector to go explore out in the backyard. After explaining to him what to do and how to dig up something once it was located, Bryan headed out to the 160' X 240' fenced in yard. I had hoped it would give me some time to finish a few projects I had started. Within 10 minutes Bryan was in, flopped on the couch, complaining of boredom. When I asked him about his treasure hunt, he said he was done, he found buried treasure. I assumed it was just disappointment in uncovering a bottle cap or rusty nail, but still, I asked him to show me his treasure. He held out his little hand and said, "Here Mom, you can have it." I couldn't believe it, I cleaned it off and there was a gold ring with a Jade color stone in it. It's real gold and appears to be old. I was urged on by my friend to take it to a jeweler, but instead I put it on my finger and wore it for a long time. It's priceless to me.


Oh, The Joys said...

Wow! That was a surprise ending!