Saturday, February 17, 2007

Conversation Hearts

As Caitlin came out to the living room last night with my hair rollers on:

C: "Can I wear your black leather Boots tonight?"
Me:"Sure Cait"

Ooohh's and ahhh's from my bathroom:

C: "You got new eye shadow and lipstick"
Me:"Yep, go ahead, use them"
C: "Mmmm, I loooove the smell of your Gucci- Me"
Me:"You can use it"

She walks out to the living room holding two different earrings:

C: "Which looks better the red or the peach ? ... or-rrr would big silver hoops look best?
Me:"My big silver hoops are on the dresser, go ahead, wear them"

Comes out all dressed, looking and smelling nice:

Me:"Cait it is freezing out, why don't you wear my long black coat?"
C: "Ugh, no way, I am not going out looking like my MOTHER!"



Oh, The Joys said...

I have to e-mail this to MY mom. She'll feel SOOOO validated. (Twenty some odd years too late, but validated still!)

Michael said...

LOL...Cait is too much!

Margie said...

Has she looked in the mirror? Doesn't matter what she wears...she is her mother's daughter!

Nancy said...

Shhh, she doesn't realize that yet, lol

sandi said...

I remember those days w/Tiffany. Whenever I came home from a shopping trip she would say, "Eww, why did you buy THAT?" but she ususally wore my new things before I did. LOL

tiff said...

Did not.