Thursday, February 8, 2007

Diana and Anna

I remember how I felt when I heard the news of Diana, Princess of Wales death. I think it was one of the first times I stopped to realize how life can seem so routine and well planned out only to be taken in a moment, no notice. A Princess, the mother of the future King of England, and a humanitarian.

The first time I saw Vickie Lynn Hogan, better known as Anna Nicole Smith, I though she was awesome. She was a Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe, and Lucille Ball all packaged into one. A young girl stripping for money, a young wife, a divorced mother, and then an instant celebrity because she married an old millionaire.

I really don't see much difference in these two women. Both defined as beautiful. Both initially became famous because of their marriages. Both have children. Both had such public lives. Both did things in public and behind closed doors that were not the best decisions. Many more similarities.

Both deaths affect me much the same way. Their lives were taken too soon by our hearts standards. Dare I question if they were not taken by God in His time, but by the greed of others to control what these women weren't going to relinquish? It seems at the time of their deaths, their desire was to be left alone, just to live a life.