Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Full Circle

Even though my son Bryan is 23, I still remember the inquisitive little boy he was.

His W I D E eye look of wonderment.

His excitement to learn new things.

And yeah me, the Hero Mom that was teaching him all the cool things.

Playing with Fisher-Price toys and remote cars.

The awe of putting "cassette tapes" in the back of Teddy Ruxpin!

That all lasted until he was about .... three.

Then something happened.

Technology lost me in the dust and it became second nature to kids.

So, last night I came home with a new phone.

There I sat, next to my son, so he could teach me how to use it.

Now, it's my son, teaching tech challenged Mom.

I THINK it's going to be cool, but, as of this morning, I am feeling pretty uncool.

I haven't mastered scrolling through names and menus, and that's supposed to be the easy part.

(LG Dare)


sherry lee said...

My son (21) has that phone and he figured it out in minutes...he gave me his old one...showed me how to use it which confused me no end so I went back to my old phone, the one I know.

It's rather "chilling" in some ways to realize our children are the more knowledgeable about so many things these days, isn't it?? Thank heavens for us we gave them the brains to be able to do that!! lol!! :)

Anonymous said...

Make sure you get my number in there..and use it atleast once.

Joan said...

I get hit with these types of thoughts all the time.

Karin said...

Amen! My mother thinks I'm a techie genius because I can program her remote and fix her TV when she messes something up. My son considers me technically challenged, especially when it comes to more advanced issues. To my credit, however, I did teach him a programming trick for his iPod that he didn't know about. I was very proud....and he was very surprised!

Ree said...

oooooh. I like that phone. Nice!!!

Oh - get my number right this time. Snort.

Better yet - have Bryan enter it.

Linda and her Twaddle said...

My son uploads home made animated cartoons onto his You Tube account. He has done so since he was eight. Whenever I want to put a DVD on I just ask him to do it.

However, I just cannot seem to get him to understand the simple process of putting his rubbish in the bin.

Thomas said...

Come on Wendy, "So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!",

It's simple, think like a child.

Michael said...

My friend Julie has the Dare and after about 2 weeks, it looked like it was 10 years old. Invest in the protector sleeve right away!

Bruce said...

Even thought I am a geek by trade, I constantly have to remind myself, that if I don't ride the crest of the wave, I will be doomed to drown in the ocean.

delmer said...

I keep my kids away from my phone. In about two-seconds time they'll change the ringtone to something new -- it takes me weeks to figure out how to set it back to what I had.