Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nothing Else Matters

John posted on FB that Metallica is coming to his hometown.
(I read that's going to be an "in the round" concert, sweet!)

Yeah, I like metal, some more than than others, but I've always liked Metallica.

I remember the first time my son downloaded their tunes and started listening, I never said a word. If he though "Mom" liked the band, they probably would have taken a drop in the coolness factor.

Since their first album, early 80's, they have been one of my favorite. James Hetfield has that bad-boy look, but when I listen to the words and his voice on this song, nothing else matters.

P.S. You should see my interpretation dance to this song ... on second thought, maybe not!


delmer said...

My oldest is a big Metallica fan. I never cared for their music.

I've seen some behind-the-scenes shows about the band, and I enjoy those and the story. The music ... I could do without it.

Michael said...

Not a fan either.

Sugarplum's Mom said...

I dig Metallica too... I didn't discover them until the early 90's though with Enter Sandman

Betty said...

I really liked this video. Hah- your comment about interpretation dancing reminded me of my own past efforts in that regard- it was a great way to stay in shape, and it seemed like such a primal activity.


lis said...

Confirmation, didn't think you were a country music fan. ;)
Really you should record and post your interpetive dance to this one, it would go viral!!

Thomas said...


Ballad Song... patooey

Too much play time!!!

*inserts cd and sets player to track 8 and presses play repeat*

sssshhhh don't tell anyone.'re gonna tell, aren't you?

Ree said...

Sometimes you just leave me speechless. Metallica? Really? ;-)

Deb on the Rocks said...

I can imagine the passion, emotion and internal discovery transmitted through your dance. Even if I never see you perform it, it lives in my head....

and nothing else matters.

John said...

Hetfield is nowhere near Rock's greatest front man, but for my money, he has the most badass growling pipes in the metal genre. I don't know how he has any voice left after ONE show, let alone doing that night after night.

Thanks for the shout. : )