Friday, March 27, 2009

Marie? What's up with you lately?

I realize I have put Marie Millard on the back burner. Way back, to the one that doesn't even have a pilot light that works. One that has a tarnished old tea kettle sitting on it collecting dust.

I could use the excuse that I have been concentrating on another site I have been working on. It's finally in the web designers hands. The domain name is secured and thanks to The Hotfessional, I have a great guy in O'Canada that will be hosting the site. More to come, when there's more to come.

Good things happening:

Spring isthisclose to being here.
I went to the doctor and weigh less than I have in 10 years.
I still have a job, a house, and for the most part no debt. (damn hospital bill)
I have my ticket to (sold out) BlogHer 2009 in Chick-ca-go & awesome Ree is my partner in crime roommate.

But Marie? WTF is up with her? Isn't this supposed to be a place to spill what ever I choose? Why do I censor? Since when have I really cared what others think? (unless, of course, I value their opinion)

If I wrote from the heart, I'd end up pissing off some people, but not really wanting to. I'd have a couple people nodding yes, smirking, and giving the two thumbs up. I can be sure of those that would just shake their head thinking I've lost it.

But there are a few that have always accepted me as is, duct taped together, in places that don't always show, with my velvet covered thorns and my slightly scarred heart.

For now, I'll just keep to the dreams I pretend will come true.


Thomas said...

*hey wait a tic - you didn't say WHAT you weighed...???*

Linda and her Twaddle said...

Well, you just have to do what feels right for you. I mean, when you get to 99 years old will it really, really matter what anyone thought? Apart from yourself that is.

Joan said...

One of the reasons I quit blogging was I felt there was a lot I couldn't say. I either didn't want to share it or it was disrespectful to others.

Sunshine said...

My blog has been on the back burner too. This is my craziest time of year from now until school's out.

And pretty much not pressuring myself out it either. So, I'll read you when you post and when I can and you do the same.

We're cool like that.

Betty said...

I have also been frustrated that I'm not really being myself on my blog. It started a long time ago, when I first began to realize that people were developing an idea of who I was which was not entirely accurate. I like their image better than reality. For example, some readers think I'm younger than I am, so now, a primary goal is to conceal my age. And that means I have to leave out a lot of stuff, because getting older brings up many issues.

I wish I could start all over, with a new identity,while keeping the same blogging buddies.

I'm afraid of pissing off people too. My latest post, which was fairly innocuous, may have offended the religious readers.

It's funny that I fear judgment so much, while I have a strict policy for myself about non-judgment. I tolerate all opinions and ways of life. Why can't I trust my readers to do the same?

I hope Marie makes a strong comeback soon.


Ree said...

What? Sleeping with me is a dream come true. You don't need to pretend. Snirk.

I love you. Duct tape and all.

Thomas said...

Just so you know, Borat was more about "two thumbs up" than it was the sling-shot.

Linda, Joan, and Betty, break free of your repression shackles. You may just influence others to come out of their thought-shells.

Michael said...

I say post what you want to post. It makes for a more interesting read.

I'm really curious about your new site...when do the details come?

Fragrant Liar said...

Interesting thread. I used to be Nana Diaries, but I felt I had a particular audience I was limited to in posting on it. I got the impression that my readers were there because of the NANA part of the name, which was an unintended consequence of trying to play off the Nanny Diaries (hip, young, funny, etc.) name.

Yes, I'm a grandmother, but I'm also a youthful woman with an active life, not an octogenarian rocking on her porch swing or bustling about the kitchen in an apron, baking cookies from scratch for the chitlins on holidays.

I am not like my grandmother at this age. I'm not even like my mother at this age. I'm totally me at this age, and I felt like I wasn't being true to myself at ND, so I started a new blog that suited me better: Fragrant Liar. I'm a totally irreverent and healthy single woman and I want to blog about the things I observe about my life -- which aren't all that different from my twenties and thirties, to be honest. I can post about a million things besides particular people I don't like or who have hurt me in some way.

There are certain things I won't blog about, but those are things I choose to keep private; not things I feel I must tell the world. My blog is not intended to be a clearing-my-conscience tell-all. I have a whole lot of other things to tell the world. As a result, I don't feel like I'm not being true to myself.

I don't know if this comment will have any meaning for you, but I hope you will consider maybe reorganizing your blog to better suit what you want to say or start a new blog and send all your people over there. It's an easy thing to do, and I doubt you will lose many, if any, readers.

Sorry, I have rambled on and on like I know what I'm talking about. Must be my, um, old age.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Hmmmm. Interesting, and interesting comments. The only people I'd like to write about, but don't, are my mother- and sister-in-law, who drive me batty. I don't know why I don't write about them; they don't read my blog.

But still.

Hang in there.