Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Want a hot Hotel Owner?

Want a hot Hotel Owner? His empire is booming. Meet him and 1000's of hot men like him at Mature Singles.
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I've see this ad running on the side of my Facebook page several times. They keep switching up the photo of "Mr. Hawtness" but the ad still reads the same.

I just want to know why "1000's" of hot successful men (they did say THOUSANDS) would have to sign up on a singles site just to meet a woman? Did all their brain cells get used up while they were becoming so successful? They no longer have the ability to capture a woman's attention on their own?

Maybe I should become "Yente" and help the THOUSANDS of hot, wealthy, successful men find the women of their dreams.

For a fee of course.

You don't think this is a gimmick now ... do you? [smirk]


Linda and her Twaddle said...

I think he looks like a bit of a wanker. He just wants cheap labour. Someone to do his books for free.

What sort of Hotel? A 2 star one for sure.

sherry lee said...

Trust you to get to the bottom of these types of your inimitible style...makes me wonder how many women sign up for this crap??

John said...

Yeah, I checked out the "Meet Elite Singles" ad on FB. There was nothing (and I DO mean NOTHING) elite about them. Unless you consider rejects "elite." ; )