Friday, March 20, 2009

Calibrating Myself

I've always approached things with drive and determination.

If I believe in something, I give 1000%.

I deny myself submitting to my own weakness, and cowl at showing it.

I look for the good in a bad situation and give the benefit of doubt where there is uncertainty.

I don't seek out conflict, yet I won't run when faced with it.

I don't do well with roadblocks that I have no control over, but I do figure out a way around them.

I believe in intuition, perception, and deep-in-my-gut feelings.

All of the above have brought me to calibrating my direction.

In the past, it's worked for me, and against me.

"To move ahead you need to believe in yourself, have conviction in your beliefs and the confidence to execute those beliefs."

~Adlin Sinclair

I feel the ground beneath me shifting.


lis said...

Your not in Tonga are you? They had a volcano erupt from the bottom of the sea and a 7.9 earth quake.
Look forward to reading about the adventures of your new path..
Happy Belated Birthday!!

Fragrant Liar said...

Change is good. It's the only way you can grow and thrive.

O to feel the earth move!

Karin said...

Sounds like you've done some soul-searching lately. Having another birthday makes one ponder life, doesn't it? Happy belated birthday---I'm sorry I missed posting birthday wishes on your actual b'day Wednesday. Hope you partied hearty!

Ree said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm. Interesting.

Thomas said...

"I feel the ground beneath me shifting" should be a song title.

Write it. Do it now.

*giggles at Fragrant Liar*

Anonymous said...

I've recently recalibrated myself. Sometimes to do a really good job you have to almost go to hell and then make it back in one piece. Sometimes we even banish oursleves there.


Beth said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! and are 52? I refuse to believe that. aint no way honey....nope. you are a liar!!! ;)

is the ground shifting a good thing?

Audubon Ron said...

I'm not leaving a comment and you can't make me.

Although that was pretty heavy shit. You moving to Florida?

Me, You, or Ellie said...

A birthday always calls for a little, um, calibration.


Michael said...

Are you calibrated yet?

TX Poppet said...

I tried calibrating once but my springs had sprung and all my screws were loose. Happy belated birthday, Cutie.

Betty said...

Wow. Now I'm inspired to self calibrate. I think I'll wait 'til tomorrow though.


Anonymous said...

"I believe in intuition, perception, and deep-in-my-gut feelings"

I love this line. This is how I am, how I live. It has steered me wrong only once or twice.

I think more women need to trust themselves.