Monday, April 14, 2008

Does Comerica Park Need Excavating?

  • Sunny skies, no rain, high 50 degrees, before the sun goes down.
  • check
  • Orange Rodriguez #7 T-shirt on.
  • check
  • Navy zip up hoodie with Detroit Tiger logo.
  • check
  • Winter coat.
  • check
  • Gloves and scarf.
  • check check
  • Fantastic seats compliment of Debbie.
  • check

M'kay Tigers, I'm ready for my first game of the season ... but are YOU GUYS? Being the last place team in the Central Division ... not acceptable!

(Do you think there is an unwelcome jersey buried at Comerica Park?)


Mrs. G. said...

Have fun!

Joan said...

I read the story about the jersey. Have fun. Stay warm.

Ree said...

I'm hoping you can help them bring home a win Nancy!

dkuroiwa said...

I'm not a big fan of watching games on TV, but I do love going to the game itself!! Always on my "list of things to do in the States' when we come home in the summer...except, I'm cheering for the the Rockpile!! Good times!!
Hope you have a great time!! If you get yourself on the TV screen, it's "extra points" for you!!:-D

Betty said...

Sounds like you're well prepared for an exciting game. Good luck!


Patience said...

Where, where, where did you get that Potato Head???!!!!! I gotta get me one of those!!!

(I'm going to see the Houston Astros in a couple of weeks - free tickets from a vendor!! YaY!!)

Above Average Joe said...

There is an unwanted jersey buried there. Its a Lion's Joey Harrington jersey.

Memphis Steve said...

As a recovering Cub fan I have been forced to swear off baseball. I just can't take it anymore. Good luck to you and your tigers.

Karin said...

I hadn't heard about the buried jersey yet. Too funny!...Take heart, I'm sure the Tigers will improve. We had a lot of those guys down here with the Marlins (Cabrera, Willis, Pudge, et al) and they're really good. Really! In the meantime, our Marlins are kicking butt in the NL, mainly 'cuz they're too young to know they're not supposed to be any good. They're just having fun, and it's working. After a VERY disappointing hockey season down here, it's nice to watch one of our teams win again....Have fun at the game!!!!