Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Moanin'

I'm a patient person. I know chit happens. Some things just can't be helped. There are things that don't always work out, but I figure as long as all is good in the end, why get all pissy about it.

So Saturday, when my new range, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave was delivered, there were a couple blips in the screen.

First, I ordered LG white appliances with brushed nickel handles from Home Depot. Before I paid for the order, I made the salesman check and double check to be sure they were all in stock. I also requested they take away all my old crap appliances upon delivery.

Friday, I got the call from Home Depot saying delivery would be Saturday between 8:00-12:00. Since I was going out Friday night, to the Bossy Bash, I secretly hoped I was more 12ish. I digress.

Saturday morning, I got a call at 7:15am saying I was their first delivery. They'd be here at 8:00am. Oh joy. I dragged my butt out of bed, inserted my Java IV and began emptying the dishwasher and refrigerator.

They showed up and in a flash had all my old appliances out in my driveway. I was still on the Java IV therapy when I saw the range coming through the door. Uh-oh ... wrong one bub. He called the warehouse and found out the one I ordered was going through a model changeover, and they no longer make the brushed nickel handle. Strike one. He told me to keep this range and they will send out someone to change the handle. I asked if the holes will line up, they assured me they will but I'm thinking not. We shall see.

In comes the refrigerator. Looks good, fits perfect. They hook up the water line for the ice maker. Set the temps, I through all my stuff in it and watch as the dishwasher comes in.

As I'm sitting watching them install the dishwasher, I notice a discolored like scratch on the refrigerator ... covered with appliance paint ... about 15" long, ending with a dimple dent. Crap strike two. The delivery guy said since he already took the old one out, just call after he leaves and say I want it changed out because I noticed a scratch. OK, I can understand him not wanting to lug them in and out again, I can do that. See, I'll work with ya!

They finish the dishwasher, ran it and it works.

After they left, I sat on my couch to call Home Depot to report the scratch. As I was on hold, forever, I noticed my eye view of the dishwasher revealed a 1 inch gap between the counter and the top of the dishwasher. I could see the insulation. Strike three. Eh, no biggy, as long as they have to come back, they can take care of that. So I talk to the salesman.

New handle for range coming. Check
New refrigerator coming. Check
Adjust dishwasher to fit in space. Check

They weren't going to install the microwave because they wanted an obscene amount of money to connect the wires (that are already there from the previous hood fan I removed) to an electrical box. I figured I'd ask my step-father when he and my mom get back from Florida.

I read the instructions for the refrigerator. It takes 12-24 hours to completely cool down and the automatic ice maker to start. I went out with the girls that night and when I came home, I never checked the refrigerator.

Sunday morning, I got up, took a shower, got dressed, drove my "trying to keep it together" self to Home Depot and politely said, "My name is Nancy D and I called here about my delivery yesterday. I've been patient, but this morning, my house was colder than my refrigerator when I woke up. My frozen Weight Watchers dinners are all thawed and my Weight Watchers fudgesicles are all melted, as are my Victoria Beckham's Diet Secret bags of edamame, and various other things. Caitlin's wrist corsage from prom 2 years ago is wilting Mister!"

The guy was cool. I kept my 'tude in check, but he knew I wasn't happy. He said a new refrigerator is scheduled for delivery this Thursday and he will call first thing this morning to see if it can here sooner. He said LG will compensate for my having to pitch everything in my refrigerator and freezer.

I didn't act like a loony woman, but I think I will tell them for all the f-ups, I want my microwave installed free. Who wants to bet when it is unboxed, it is either wrong or won't fit?

Oh yeah, one more thing. I ordered all new door knob/levers for the rooms I just finished painting. In Brushed Nickel. They came last week. In Antique Bronze. Let's see if the replacements come in correct this week. [smiles]


Robin said...

How aggravating! I hope they make good on their screwups quickly.

dkuroiwa said... get some major points for "keeping it all together"!! Wow!! My 'tude would have been all up in someone's business!!
I'm bowing down in your general direction!!!
Here's to perfect replacements!!

oh...and btw...this "Java IV" this standard order from any coffee company, or a specialty item?!?! must have one now!!!

debra said...

should this be filed under: when it rains.......?
Keep us posted.

Nancy said...

dkuroiwa: Java IV is just my term to indicate I need to get coffee in me STAT! lol

debra: more like "it's a monsoon"

Audubon Ron said...

When my wife and I moved to Deliverance, Mississippi, where you can still hear dwelling banjos, we bought a fixer upper from pay phones on the interstate as we left California with all our worldly possessions loaded in a moving van. The house wasn’t anything like we remembered six months early when we looky-Lou’d it. This year is change the kitchen and tile the floors. Baby sister girl friend, I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I got an estimate to change out counters – no new appliances, those are all lined up in the living room. Nice to watch 60 Minutes off the reflection of your new stove. I went through the same Home Depot gang banging.

You are my hero-ette for keeping your cool. I’m writing this email to you from Parchment Prison, MS for killing one of those SOBs at Home Depot. I used my hands. The only good side is I got life, without the possibility of using those appliances.

Karin said...

Ouch! I agree that you're impressive for not committing a felony....After similar experiences with appliances from Home Depot, I absolutely refuse to buy anything like that from them again. We just bought a new stove from Sears (of all places!) and it was a joy compared to Home Depot. I won't buy carpet from Home Depot again, either. That experience, along with having to live with the crummy carpet I got, is even worse than the appliance snafus.

Candy said...

I think this is the wave of the future. Just give them what we have, not what they wanted, because they'll be too tired to complain about it after the hassle we give them.

I had an almost identical situation with Best Buy over a refrigerator, and managed to get them to refund me $100 on the price. Basically, it was "refund or come take it away and give me the entire cost back." They acquiesced. So keep that in the back of your mind.

sgk213 said...

All my appliances are from HD. Never again. One problem after another. I'll save the LG washer dryer stinky story for another time. Home Depot sucks.

Michael said...

I got my appliances from Sears as well...I had a great experience. I even had trouble with my fridge after the extended warranty expired (figures, I had a 5 year warranty and my fridge broke a month after it expired) and they were great with that, too.

Hottdog said...

I admire that you kept your cool during the frustrations. Nothings worse than dealing with idiots! But it sounds like you've got everything covered. :o)

linda in c-town said...

what's the old saying? "If something can go wrong, it will." It sounds like that's what happened to you. I've never bought an appliance from HD, and after reading the above comments I don't think I ever will.

That's my girl! She kept her cool!

Betty said...

You know, my one and only experience with Home Depot was similarly disastrous. I am appalled at what you're going through, but not surprised. Thank you for reminding me that if I have to buy anything for my "new' Victorian, if I get it, I'd better head to Lowe's.


lis said...

Sears and Lowes, can't go wrong..
Feel you pain too, been there done that, maybe we should make t-shirts!