Friday, April 25, 2008

Keepin' It Real ... Kinda

I've never worn padded bra's.

I've never worn butt shaping panties either.

I always wondered if men were disappointed once the "reveal" showed the voluptuous boobs in fact, were the effect of a gel filled Wonderbra. Or, if the rounded, tea-cup-holding ability of a woman's ass, proved to be skinny or saggy.

Regis was showing Kelly these padded briefs for men this morning.

I'm not one to check out men's "packages" [ahem] but on the occasion I may watch as they are walking by, I'll have to remember these. I think I would feel slighted if what I was seeing was an illusion.


Audubon Ron said...

I never put a pair of socks in my dance belt.

Jami said...

Oh, yeah, right! Like any guy built like that has to wear WonderButt or WonderBulge panties!

Joan said...

I'd really wonder about a guy who wears these.

Sugarplum's Mom said...

ROFLMAO @ Jami and her "Wonderbutt" and "Wonderbulge"

Michael said...

Your butt's too skinny that it needs padding??? If only I could have that problem, lol.

Above Average Joe said...

Damn! They said those pictures would never make it to the internet.

delmer said...

Cast a careful eye on guys wearing cycling shorts as well.

The cheaper shorts (Performance and Nashbar house brands) normally are padded so that what you see is what you get ... the better shorts -- Pearl Izumi for example -- are padded a little more aggressively.