Tuesday, April 15, 2008

That's My Detroit TIGERS!

So last night's Detroit Tigers game started out bad, really bad, okay they were stinkin' up the park.

It was my first game of the year and usually I am freakin' excited no matter what is happening. Not last night. First it was COLD ... especially once the sun went down. Then I was teetering on the fact that I am still getting over being sick from all of last week.

My first 7 innings were really about:

Seats: Look at these cozy cushy roomy seats with a table in the Tigers Den. (Thanks again Deb) It was Magglio Ordenoz night so they were giving out "Maggie" bats.

Food: I was going to get a hot dog and bag of chips. Dog $3.50, chips $1.50 BUT I noticed I could get a kids meal for $5.00 which was a hot dog, bag of chips, juice box, and a toy! I went for the kids meal.

: As I watched the water fountain shoot streams of cold water, I wondered how the people standing around it could deal with the cold water spraying them in the wind.

Parents: Watched a few sets of parents bringing their improperly dressed for the cold little kids to a late night game on a school night. And what about the mom that let the girls go off by themselves when they were clearly around 10 years old. Doesn't she read the papers about perv's out there in this evil world?

Cameraman: Why do you keep sticking the front of the camera through the hole on the right in the netting behind home plate for a few minutes then moving it 5 inches to the other hole in the netting on the left? There must be a reason.

Hot Dog Vendor
: Aren't those bare arms cold? You're fun ... the way you sing super LOUD out "hot daaaaaaaawgs" in your opera voice.

And then the 8th inning.

Tigers 5 Minnesota Twins 9

The Tigers took over, they began playing ball ... GAME ON!
SIX runs in the 8th!

Final score Detroit Tigers 11 ~ Minnesota Twins 9


Joan said...

It's so much better sitting out in the cold if your team wins. Do you have a prom "date" to Sunshine's prom? I'm looking for one if you are interested. I'm trying to find my old prom pictures now. I just learned our new copier at work scans to jpeg. Duh - I'm slow.

Nancy said...

Joan: I'll have to go check out Sunshines "prom" and see what she's cooked up ... sure, I'll be your date, but only if you're the kind that puts out. LOL

Anonymous said...

It was a night I will never forget.
One of those memories that will last a life time. I can only hope the next game we go to will be half as much fun. We are baseball junkies that is for sure. Barbies and Baseball must be the "b" go figure

Jen M. said...

Ouch! My Minnesota cousins are crying in their beers!

Above Average Joe said...

The Red Sox did almost as good last night. Coming back with 3 in the ninth to beat the Indians.

Glad you had a good time.

Did you ride the Ferris wheel?

Ree said...

Yay! I knew you could do it Nance! We sat in the seats directly in front of those wood ones last week. Cushy! Yes! (Of course, we, you had it better.)

Did you have the bright, flourescent yellow vendors? I swear they looked like little lightening bugs roaming the stands.

Mamma said...

I love that you're such a big baseball fan. It must be why I love you so much. ;)

Pink said...

Does life get any better?

Glad you had such a great time!


Carrie Sue said...

Ha! You left the best for last. Glad they won and you had a good time.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Sounds like a great evening...and you look like you're having fun (if a little cold) with your "big girl baseball bat"!!! Good on you going for the kids woman!!!

It's still a little early for me for outdoor baseball -- call me in June!!! ;)

Candy said...

I love that you got a toy. And were financially responsible, to boot.

My husband grew up in Detroit, and back in the 50s, he used to take a bus and transfer twice to go see the Tigers. I think he was seven. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!

Betty said...

I'm focused on the kid's meal, although the whole deal sounds pretty impressive. What toy did you get?