Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Team Larry

So yea, as I said before, I like Anna.

We can debate all the issues, drugs, sex, poor choices, conspiracies ... greed.

But it all comes down to this baby and her biological father.

With time, let's hope he shows he is also her Daddy.

I wish them all the best and the end of a media circus.

Gut instinct:
Keep Howard and Virgie away from Daddy and daughter.


Beth said...

I agree. He seems like a sincere guy, unlike Howard and Vergie, who are just money grubbing whores.

I hope he gets his baby and rides off into the sunset...

Nancy said...

^5 Beth @ "into the sunset"

Jonathon said...

this was the weirdest celebrity circus i've seen in awhile. sheesh.

Michael said...

Thank God, at least we won't have to worry that Dannielynn will end up with Howard's nose.