Friday, April 13, 2007


I am not superstitious.

I don't think lucky charms are the answer to winning at bingo or in casinos. I am positive Aunt Trina and Grandma Bridget would have totally disagreed.

I had a beautiful solid black cat years ago, "Overday", and she was forever walking in front of, around, behind, over, and under me ... the walk between my legs routine too, and never once did I consider having her being unlucky. On the contrary, I was the lucky one to have had her for the many years that I did.

I tend to tempt chance and can't help but walk under ladders when I come across them, just to see if anything happens ... nothing has. I think if something did happen, it would only be because I would be checking out the construction worker, window washer, or painter that was distracting my attention.

Breaking mirrors? I can't even count how many vanity mirrors I have dropped over the years ... can't someone make unbreakable ones?

Do you pick up the lone penny for luck? Throw salt over your shoulder? Lift your feet over railroad tracks? Hold your breath as you go past a cemetery?

To me it's just Friday, end of the work week, and the date just happens to be the 13th.

OK, now I think I will cross my fingers and hope this post doesn't bring me bad luck!*wink*


Michael said...

Jay's lucky number is 13. Imagine that...he wants to sit in row 13 on an airplane.

Nancy said...

As long as he doesn't take Oceanic Airlines, lol

Gnightgirl said...

I only worry about "jinxing" myself, by saying things like "I've never been in an automobile accident" and "I've never had a broken bone."

I can hardly even type those things, I know my next blog will read, "I JUST wrote on Nancy's blog about never having a broken bone, and here I sit in the hospital..."

I'm going to be a nervous wreck after I hit "publish your comment," but I'm doing it anyway.

Michael said...

P.S. Who's Aunt Trina?

moodswingingmommy said...

I also worry about jinxing myself, but I have to say that Friday the 13ths are usually good days for me.

Helps if you don't leave the house, which I haven't. That's just a coincidence though.


Nancy said...

Don't worry gng, I believe in guardian angels and they over ride jinxes. *smiles*

Sher said...

I had no idea I was supposed to hold my breath when I drove past a cemetary.... until now.


Nancy said...

Michael: Aunt Irene but Bryan always called her (one word) Auntrina, so I called her Aunt Trina ... she liked it.

MSMommy: Venture out, especially to check out guys on ladders, lol

Sher: Indeed, you don't want to breathe life into the dead!

JRoche said...

My son's birthday. I thought it was a pretty good day!

Twisted Cinderella said...

I have never had issues with Friday the 13th either! I like Friday's whatever the date they happen to be!