Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Band of Gold

Shame on me for not following up on this sooner.

I've had this ring for about eight years.

I had been seeing a guy in a heavy metal band *leaving the name of the band out on purpose so the ass-wipe can't google and possibly find this post and me*

Thanks Jane, for that nick name "ass-wipe"!

Anyway, his band was playing at the annual Keep it True Festival at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen Germany. On one of his walks, he stopped at a fountain in one of the public squares. As he looked down, he saw this ring.

When he gave it to me, I immediately knew I had to try to find the owner. I wasn't on line much and didn't have my blog so I really didn't know where to begin. I put it with my other jewelry and unfortunately I forgot all about it.

I came across it the other day and decided I'd start by writing it's history with me. I hope this story somehow makes its way back to the attention of the owner.

It's a thin plain gold band. Simple. Beautifully engraved in old English script are the initials " _ _ to _ _ " with the date "June 2, 1906". NINETEEN OH SIX! See why it has to go back to who ever was wearing it? It must belong to someones grandmother or great grandmother.

The ring is so light the gold value is minimal but the sentimental value, priceless.

I've left the initials out of this post so the rightful owner can truly identify the ring. I'll tag this post with a few key words in hopes the owner is lead to this post. If you're inclined and wish to take a long shot, link me!


Gnightgirl said...

Ok. I have cousins in Germany. I'll bite and have him post this too. It's gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

You're so very welcome for the term "ass wipe" my dear! Was it that, or... buttmunch? I can't recall! LOL
I truly hope that you find the original owner. The sentimental value has to be immeasurable.
I love your blogs and I love you my friend. <3

Sherry Smyth said...

This is one of those great mystery could do a you tube...there's a guy who did that with a cannister of film he found and he found the owners...and this ring? History yes and love and sentiment and I so hope the owner can be found!!! xo

Nancy said...

Wow Lori, very cool, thank you!

Jane, AB G'friend AB

Sherry, I'd like to think there is a romantic story behind this ring =)

Richard said...

Hello: I am Gnightgirl´s cousin, Richard. I just sent an email to the mayor of the city of Lauda-K√∂nigshofen and asking for his can bother him also at .
I will also spread it around Germany also as soon as I put something together!
Please feel free to contact me at any time

Nancy said...

Richard, Thank you! Wouldn't it be something to find the rightful owner!

Richard said...

Maybe it is a love story..or maybe an upset wife who threw it away? LOL

Nancy said...

LOL @ Richard, an angle I hadn't thought of!

Anonymous said...

I have to say, this is a delicious mystery! You'll follow up with another post if you find the owner, ya? Also love "ass-wipe" !

Richard said...

I haven´t forgotten you....have sent a few mails on people who might be able to help. I am also interested in the outcome.

Nancy said...

Thanks Richard .. obviously it's a long shot ... but I do thank you!

Richard Vaillancourt said...

just have to post once more, just to see if my pic shows up? New at this!