Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Margie

Today is my baby sisters 49th birthday.


Yesterday, we were talking about it and I forgot how old she was. I began to say "It's your 39th right?" and quickly I remembered it couldn't be her 39th because I remembered her 40th!

Then I burst out laughing. So did she.

Although today is her FORTY-NINTH birthday,  I'm going to share a bit of her 40th.

Margie had been recently divorced and was just beginning to dip her toe in the dating pool. Since she and I weren't looking for any serious relationships, we began to hang out together, gathering with a fun group of like minded single men and women that would plan and meet on weekends at different venues for dancing, pool, music and socializing. 

When someone in our group was having a birthday, we'd consider it a great reason to party!  I decided to plan a party for Margie's 40th and sent out e-mails.  Margie and I arrived at  the venue and shortly after, a couple guys showed up.  Then a couple more guys walked in.  A few more ... and by guys , I really mean guys, men ... no women.  Within the first hour there were 11 men, Margie and I.  The men had questionable half smiles on their face as Margie asked if I had only invited men.  I was laughing my azz off because of course I did invite women too.

As the numbers continued to grow, and the guys began to get a little nervous, the drinks were flowing.  Margie's birthday drink of choice was *Purple Rain, oh boy!

About an hour and a half into this party women finally began to show up. Margie was having a blast.  She was showered with Purple Rain all night long. Margie was the life of the party ... she WAS the party, and it continued on until closing. I think that was a cross-over for her, single mama had arrived!  After a night of table top dancing and celebrating life, I took her home.  I tucked her in her bed, still in her clothes, and knew she'd freak when she woke-up in the morning!

At her 40th *2002*

I assure you still Margie, you were fine.  All your clothes remained on, you never fell, and you had fun ... even though you don't remember a thing.

So this year, Sandi and I asked her what she wanted to do for her special day.  What ever she wanted to do, we're in. Drinking? Dancing? Partying? Casino? Wicked wildness?

Bowling ... she wants to go bowling.  So that's what we're doing!

Maybe a little rain afterward???

  *Purple Rain*
1.5 oz  Premium vodka
1.5 oz  Premium rum
   2 oz  Premium 1800 Tequila
1.5 oz  Premium gin
1.5 oz  Cointreau orange liqueur
1.5 oz  Triple sec
1.5 oz  Chambord raspberry liqueur
   2 oz  Sweet and sour mix

   Shake and serve over ice.


Sherry Smyth said...

Oh lordy, I give Margie credit for being ABLE to dance on a table after having a few of those Purple Rains (they sound amazing!) -- that's a drink that's packin' a punch!!

I love how you Kaser ladies know how to do it up right and how you are there for one another through thick, thin and purple rain....

Happy birthday to Margie...bowling, purple rain and all!!

Molly said...

Happy Birthday to your sister. May she have many, many years of dancing on the table. I cannot think of a better place to dance.

San said...

I remember hearing about all the "table dancing" that went on that night. Sorry I missed it. tehehehe

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Margie! I certainly enjoy your smile. Perhaps you might share one little photo of you on a tabletop? ;o)

dkuroiwa said...

oh my....Purple Rain? ooh....i want one...or three.

Happy Birthday, Margie!!! I am so very envious of your family...i always wanted big sisters and....of your sisters I "know", i can tell you that you are very lucky. they are wonderful...what a great way to celebrate. and bowling? works for me, too.
by the way....Margie is exactly 3 weeks older than me....someday, i hope we can celerate together....i can dance on a table if it's a must!!