Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Best Part of a 3 Day Weekend ...

... the following week is only a four day work week.

Update in bullets (and a bunch of photos):

(As always, for you Sunshine, a fan of bullets.)

  • Ree (you Hotfessional) and I are excited about BlogHer coming up. She and I are sharing a room and that's about all we'll say. What happens in Chicago stays in Chicago. (Unless it can fit in a carry-on. )
  • My Memorial Day weekend ... no surprise here.

Don was the only one to catch a walleye all weekend.

I really DO fish, that's my rod.

"Hey Don, take a picture of me fishing for my blog please."

Mmhumm, I fish in the blur.
(Yes jeans from head to toe, it was a cool crisp morning.)

Don fishes and naps, such a multi-tasker.

Steve and Mary

Ummm, N and D

Captain Don and Captain Steve

Just before sunset.


Joan said...

Looks like fun and thanks for starting the post off with a picture of Keanu!

zelzee said...

You and Hot will have so much fun at BlogHer....I am so jealous. Maybe next year for me...would love to meet everyone.

I also want YOUR Memorial Day! Mine was spent spreading bark around my house, and returning to the work world a cripple.

Ree said...

You guys are so damn cute!


Michael said...

Is your hat dropping the f-bomb, or is it French Connection?

Nancy said...

Michael: This whole post and that's what you zero in on? LOL

It says "GLOCK" got it (and a T-shirt) when I bought one ;)

Deb said...

Awesome photos. I want a Glock hat!

Poooooor Ben!

San said...

Nice update, beautiful sunset.
Hey, I keep forgetting to ask : where's Thomas?

Audubon Ron said...

I don't have a boat. You'd never like me, so ga-head, like Don.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Lovely! Nice new profile photo, too...


Michael said...

Ah, Glock...remind me not to mess with you :)

Bruce said...

I keep reminding myself that fishing is 99% staring at water, waiting for something to happen. For some reason, I think I can find a better use of my leasure time.