Monday, May 18, 2009

I know what you're saying ... "Again?"

Yep, I'm thinking of renaming my blog:

"Marie Millard Does Lake St. Clair"

(Dallas was already taken)

Any-whoooooooooooooooo ...

Here's a Saturday evening, just before sunset, just after a BBQ with friends, just slightly buzzed, just before dessert, just before getting really buzzed, just before passing out buzzed .... cruise through the canals!

Two Captains, Dennis and Don.
(mmm-hummm, no pain here)

The two first mates ... wait ... where is our photo?
We were up front manning the camera and cooler.

The pissed off that we made him move tour guide as we headed out.

The infamous, often quoted, hard to read,
carved just above the opening, motto:

"You Can't Beat Fun"

The beautiful (kinda cold, ty vodka for the warmth) sunset.

Coming back through the canals ... the 4 legged Captain of his boat!

(see him just off the back)

**click on photos to enlarge **

I'm looking forward to a fun summer.
Won't be responsible for what gets posted here *wink*

To be continued...
Nancy Dubrul
Don Pietrykowski


Audubon Ron said...

Hanging over a little today are we? Hmmm?

Nancy said...

Nope, not me Ron,I kept in check for fear of "man over-board" syndrome!

Ree said...

Yea, you gotta watch that Man Overboard Lake St. Clair thing. I hear it's one way to make the evening news, tho!

Michael said...

Looks like another fun weekend!

zelzee said...

Summer is going to be so much fun!!
I can't wait to see what is going to happen next.........It's always an adventure when you step on board a boat!
buzzed BBQ with friends.....I am soooo jealous!

All I have are wedding/bridal showers and graduations to look forward to........sigh......

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Ah, summer. Almost. Bring on the Lake St. Clair shots -- LOVE 'em.