Wednesday, May 20, 2009



NOW what is Nancy talking about?!!

Debbie (lives in Japan), at Etc., Etc.,Etc. had a contest to win a pair.

Zori are hand-made cloth slippers made from old kimono's scraps.

She explained they are quite uncomfortable at first, but as they are worn and washed, they conform to your feet and feel won.der.ful.

She is right, they are !

But, I'm going to wear them and wash them and probably get so attached to them you'll see me wearing them to work!

She also enclosed a lovely note with sentiments that only a kindred sister share.

Look at his Goddess doll she MADE!

The denim is from her jeans, buttons from her bracelet, and a reminder of the Goddess in each of us. Straight from the heart and something I will always cherish. Thank you Debbie for my "Boot Scootin' Goddess"

Internet friends are amazing ... even from thousands of miles away!


Jan said...

Great gifts. I grew up in a neighborhood, Westside Long Beach, with many Japanese neighbors. We called all flip-flops or go-a-heads, zori's.

dkuroiwa said...

I gotta get me a French Pedi!!

I am so happy you liked the stuff. Your post was beautiful and if I didn't know debbie "personally", i'd wanna be friends with her! :-D

even though i'm a gazillion miles away, reading your kind and beautiful words puts me right there beside you.
and i'm wanting a margarita or something.

Bruce said...

Interesting. Women give this sort of comfy, soft, warm fuzzy stuff. Men just exhange wrenchs and weed whackers....

Ree said...

But - can you wear them on the boat?

Nancy said...

Ree: I swear I thought "Ree will incorporate Don or the boat with this .... somehow"

You came through, ;)

zelzee said...

I'm jealous you find time for a pedicure.