Friday, May 8, 2009

Schmorgusborg: Wrap up the Week

Camera dump:

~ Monday's game at Comerica ~
Tigers 2 - Mariners 7


A pair of peckers.
Right outside of Don's den window.


Detroit has a new mayor.

Dave Bing
Played for the Detroit Pistons 1966-1975
We shall PRAY see how it goes.


Was up $140 at MGM Casino.
Left being $6 up.


"Excused" from the job, the web designer for my new site.
Any web designer proficient in PHP code, shoot me an email please.

Seriously, found him on my laptop.
I am the only one that uses this laptop.
I have no clue ... really.
Do I get up in my sleep and surf?


Have a nice weekend and Happy Mother's Day moms.


zelzee said...

That video was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL! I was laughing so hard, I had to cover my mouth so people from the other offices didn't come running in!!!!

Congrats on leaving with $6 from MGM.......never usually happens to me!

San said...

ROFLMAOOOOOO! That is seriously one of my favorite videos.

Karin said...

Hysterical video---I'm not sure if I was wise to have only one child to avoid those idiotic brotherly disputes, or if I deprived my son of someone to fight with and smack around.....

Michael said...

I know a computer genius, but my referal depends on how "clean" your project is. His mother would kill me if this is some spank me master slave site. (Sorry, the book selection post at Barnes and Noble immediately came to mind!)

Ree said...

That video was awesome!

Betty said...

Cute video! Makes me glad I only have one kid.......

Happy Mother's Day!