Thursday, February 21, 2008

Upside Down

Upside: All the wood trim in the hall, living room, 8 door frames, 1 window and 1 big picture window have been sanded, primed and painted with 2 coats of paint. Now the walls can be painted.

Downside: The kitchen and dining area still hasn't been started.

Upside: My driveway including the backyard, little walkway, front and back porches are all free of snow and ice. Clean down to the concrete.

Downside: It's going to snow tonight.

Upside: My dog Quinn has an appointment to get bathed and groomed and another to get his teeth cleaned. (finally ... PEEEE-YEWWW)

Downside: My hair has grown out of my new style and I have 1.5" roots!

Upside: I have been eating more fiber via flack seed bread, yummy chewy bars, and sprinkled in my yogurt.

Downside: No need to go there. But take note, it works.

Upside: I am caught up at work and have been on line all morning.
Downside: Jack is all caught up too, and I can hear him horking in his office.

Upside: After 5 or more years, last night I picked a color for my nails instead of my usual "French" look.
Downside: It's already chipped this morning, reminding me why I never wear color.

Upside: Detroit Tigers began spring training in Lakeland Florida.
Downside: No way is there a downside to that!

I hope your day ends on an up!


Sunshine said...

It's official, we were related in another life.
Back during the years I had acrylic nails, I ALWAYS got French. My manicurist would BEG me to do a color. I would relent sometimes during either the holidays (and get something red) or during bikini season (and get hot pink to match my bikini), otherwise, I love French. It matches everything and looks so clean!

Robin said...

I don't get manicures, but I do get pedicures regularly and for ages I've been choosing a pearly white color that lasts beautifully. And should it happen to get a ding or a chip it's barely noticeable. Might be a reasonable compromise for you between French and color.

Ree said...

Hey. Tigers game. Joe Kools. You, me, and pitchers of beer and nachos. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I have nails and its not snowing here in Florida--just a hop and a skip from Lakeland.

Joan said...

Manicures never last with me. Doesn't your daughter do your hair?

Anonymous said...

Like your ups and downs. Maybe I should pass this along to Lindsey. Her boyfriend just broke up with her and all she sees right now is the down side of everything. She needs to see the up side of something. I don't know if your sidewalks being snow free or that you're getting more fiber will do the trick though.

Keep those up sides coming

Sherry said...

This is such a great post Nancy...shows your balanced nature, your humour, your take on life, the good with the bad...but honey, do something about those roots!!! LOL!!! (spoken from a woman who needs to get there herself!!).

Linda and her Surroundings said...

That would make a good meme!!!