Friday, February 1, 2008

January Perfect Post: In Memoriam

The monthly Perfect Post Award is hosted by Lindsey and Kimberly. If you go to either of their links, you can read the others that have been given this award.

There are so many posts I have read, on a daily basis, that I think of as perfect. Some are hilarious, some are eye-openers, some just leave me with an all over warm fuzzy feeling. I always mean to go back and award a perfect post to a few, but then when the time comes, I forget who, what, where, etc.

This past month, I read a post that was so beautiful and breath taking. I didn't have to bookmark or make an effort to remember that I wanted to award her the Perfect Post Award. Sherry's post will stay in my mind and heart always.

In memory of her sister, Sherry has allowed us to stand with her as she embraces freedom from the secrets that weren't shared until her passing.


San said...

A very poignant post indeed.

Sherry said...

Nancy, I just don't even know what to say. When I read your email to tell me that you had done this I started to choke up -- usually I read what you've said or come here and I usually end up laughing...though you do often post serious matters.

To say thank you for this seems so inadequate. But from the bottom of my heart, from what you and I have shared on our blogs and as we've chatted, this means so very much to me, coming from you.

Your spirit and your love always touch me, very much.

To sisters. Everywhere. xoxo

Jen M. said...

I loved this post, too. Excellent choice.

mjd said...

Sherry's tribute to her sister is very moving. You have made a fine choice.