Monday, April 4, 2011

My Social Calendar:

I’ve received so many invitations lately.  I truly need more days in a month!

Mind you these have all come by way of email.  Some accidentally ended up in my spam filter but thankfully I was able to retrieve them before they were deleted!

I’ve been invited to meet young Asians

I’ve been invited to try Viagra
(ahhh, ummm, uh, *gasp*)

I’ve been invited to enter into a business deal where by I will be the recipient of over a MILLION dollars!
(with a slight investment on my part)

I’ve been invited to meet fun loving Latin Singles
(I guess if my Asians don’t pan out)

*Okay ... a choice  Young Asians or Fun Latins*

Bra shopping! An invite to go bra shopping on line
(do I just send in a pic of my boobs?)

An invitation to learn 10 new languages
(I hope Asian & Latin dialects are included)

I have an invitation for to try free sample laser hair removal.
(do they only do one arm pit?)

I can learn how a mom makes $8,900 a month at HOME.
(I wonder if 1-900 numbers are involved)

And the invitations continue to come in dailyImagine that!


Sherry Smyth said...

ROFL!!! This is THE have such a great wit about all of these insane invitations. I used to fret over the ones to make my penis bigger because I don't have one and worried how I'd ever make it "bigger"...but I like being able to send in a photo of my boobs for a proper bra fitting and your response to the Latin lovers if your Asians don't pan out had me in stitches....

Nancy said...

LOL ... I've yet to get an offer to enlarge my penis!

San said...


Beth Hill said...

I really like a large penis...just sayin. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, but did you get the invitation to have sex with barnyard animals?

Nancy said...

LOL @ Beth

Cindy: So THAT"s what all those "Play Farmville" invites are about. ;)

ladyhawk_lmr said...

Just what I needed today!! What a hoot! Love your humor.

ladyhawk_lmr said...

Just what I needed today!! Love your sense of humor!