Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Singing: The *GaySport would be lost

I suppose it's a good sign that I'm not blogging every day. My posts were to entertain myself, document trivial BS that happened daily, and like most all bloggers, whether they admit it or not ... feed that attention seeking biotch that lives in my ego. I justify that facet of my personality by blaming it on M.C.S. (middle child syndrome) Fewer posts just mean I'm busy enjoying life.


Michael Jackson
(Why did I sell the mint-in-the-box dolls I had of him years ago?)

Farrah Fawcet
(Why did I pitch that poster of her in the red bathing suit my ex had?)


Don's daughter Tyler came for a visit. (She lives in Florida)

Don, Ty, his son Cheyne, Cheyne's girlfriend Candy and I went ... where else ... out on Lake St Clair for a boat ride.

Ty and Candy

Candy acquired a dragonfly for a pet. It stayed on her back and finger for the longest time.

Cheyne caught up on his sleep.

Ty caught us up on her life in Florida and her plans for her time here.

Don, and I caught up on ... cocktails!

Then ... Mother Nature caught up snuck-up on all of us.

*Don's boat had been named the GaySport in jest. It's a BaySport and the lettering had been "tampered" with. And no, he's not gay nor were there any gay sports happening on it.

The weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Minnow GaySport would be lost,
The Minnow GaySport would be lost.

We made it just one mile short of our destination and had to get off the lake. Don did a great job of making sure we didn't end up like Gilligan. Would I have been Ginger or Mary Ann? Don't even suggest Mrs. Howell!

Ty placed a call to the bar restaurant we were heading to and they kindly sent a waitress over to pick us up. We were soaked, so Don bought us all T-Shirts there. We looked like a commercial in progress for the place.

We had a great lunch, the storm passed, and we headed back home.


We had a wedding to attend. Don suggested we go by boat, I vetoed it. I just knew I'd somehow end up overboard!


Sunday, Don had a graduation party for his son at the local park. It was perfect weather and the park pavilion he rented was at the furthest point ... right on Lake St. Clair. (Common' you knew it would have to be on the water now, didn't you?) Friends, family, BBQ, great weather, cocktails, and cake ... can you think of anything better at that moment? Me either.

Cheyne and his Grandma

I ate too much this past weekend and slept too little. I'm thinking of the 4th of July coming up this weekend. I better fast the next 3 days.


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I depend on those few days between weekends (I think they call them "weekdays"?) but this week? No such luck -- plans every night.

Hey, whaddyagonna do? Go with it, that's what.

Have fun,

sherry lee said...

Whoa girl, I'm tired just reading about all the fun you've been having...including the "almost" 3 hour tour!!!

zelzee said...

I think it is just fine that you don't post that often because you are having fun!!!
Actually that is the way it is supposed to me! (And how do people post everyday..especially in the summer????)
Looks like you had a great time with family!

I am also plauged by MCS....I blame it for everything!

Joan said...

looks like you are having a lot of fun

lis said...

Way to go having 'a wonderful life', soo enjoy the posts when you post them, and like 'sherry lee', I'm exhausted after reading about all your adventures thank goodness for them thar cocktails...

So if there are 4 in the sibling line up how does one establish if the 2nd or 3rd born is the middle child...(I'm 2nd)

Gnightgirl said...

Post whenever and wherever you feel like it, I'll be tuned in. Great fun, great photos, it's fun to embark on your adventures with the middle of all of the corn and beans...

Deb said...

Living life is much better than blogging it!

linda in c-town said...

I'm glad you're having fun and living your life, but I sure do miss those daily adventurers!