Wednesday, November 26, 2008

geeK IS Sexy

Last night, my friend Don and I were talking on the phone. He's having a problem with his computer.

Me: "Tell me what the error is, I'll g00gle it for you."
My offer to g00gle for him somehow gets twisted in my brain.

Don: "IE has stopped working ... blah blah blah"

Me: "It says right here backup [snicker] blah blah blah click tools [snicker] blah blah blah changes will take effect [snicker]"

As I began to read the whole Microsoft page of instructions on how to correct the problem, I couldn't stop laughing.

Never have I read such smut! These IT geeks are incognito.

Restricted Zones, Privacy Tabs, Pop-Up Blockers, Special Cookie Handling, Size Setting, Active X Controls, Extensions,Restart to Restore , Re-enable Add-ons ..... and my favorite Reinstall Hardening!

We never did get his computer "up and running".


GingerSnaps said...


"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste."


jennyonthespot said...

A woman after my own heart... :)

Lady Jaye said...

LOL this is why you're my hero!

San said...

Next time have him insert his "external hard drive" into the "backside bus." If that doesn't work, grab his "joystick" and insert into the "plug and play" "input device" while lying on his "flatbed".

Nancy said...

ROFLMAO ... you naughty geek minx!

Ree said...

Yea, we are kinda twisted. ;-)

Bruce said...

Well, they do say that 50% of the internet bandwidth is used for porn. .... and even that might be a bit underestimated.

single mom seeking said...

I hear you!

No more bad boys for me.... I'm all about the computer geek. So sexy indeed!

You're a great friend.

Greg C said...

Only you could come up with something like this. I never really thougth about it but it is true. Yesterday I helped a someone work on his hard drive. Suddenly I feel so dirty. :)

Jim Walker said...

So now I'm not only a puter Geek...Now i'm a Sleeze Ball...
Ram...More is better
Hard drive...Bigger is better
Software...Less is better
I guess if shoe fits...

Mrs. Flinger said...

HAHA. y'all are after my own heart. We always giggled about slot loading CD drives. ;-)

Ah, love it.

(thanks for the Jimi Thing tip! I TOTALLY forgot!)

Michael said...

LOL :)

Kellan said...

You are SO right - I never realized - Hahahaha!

Have a great Thanksgiving, Nancy.

BTW - are you going to BlogHer09? I'm going and I'd love to see you there!

Take care- Kellan