Thursday, November 20, 2008

::: Cheers :::

Last night I met her and her for drinks dinner. We were celebrating Ree's recent retirement. Actually, if you read her blog, the retirement wasn't quite her choice. I say it's just a new door opening for her next adventure.

Ree, The Hotfessional, picked a great place for us to meet in the local college town of the Michigan Wolverines. While waiting in line to get into a parking lot, I spied in my rear view mirror, The Hotness herself, pulling right up behind me. Perfect timing.

Ree and I walked into the pub with that "wonder if anyone else is here yet" look all over our faces as we stretched our necks, looking over bar tops, tables and into booths. The pub is a series of doorways, leading to other bars/rooms. Since we were the first to arrive, we picked our table and sat our butts down.

The waiter came by with a puzzled look and asked if the hostess left us menus. Oops! We were supposed to check in at the hostess station, get a "vibrator" and wait our turn for our buzz.

Fast thinking Ree, "Uh, she was pretty busy, must have forgot the menus."

^5 Ree, thanks ... I don't really like waiting, I'm a snob like that.

Mommy's Martini showed up shortly after.

We sat there and talked about you, and you, oh and you too. But all in a good way! Singing praises to favorite bloggers and dissing some programs that put glitches in our attempts to pimp our sites.

Good food, good beer and wine, good times. I look forward to doing it again.


Ree said...

It was AWESOMENESS - as usual.

Karin said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all....Enjoy your retirement, Ree. I got to "retire" at age 47, and I LOVE it. Everyone asks me what I do with my time, and my favorite response is, "Anything I want!"

GingerSnaps said...

You all look gorgeous! Meeting up with blogger chicks is the best fun, isn't it? :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Nothing like it, is there? Out for drinks with your peeps.


Joan said...

Smart thinking. I didn't get a chance to look around Ann Arbor much when I was there on my whirlwind trip. It looked nice.

jennyonthespot said...

ME???? You talked about ME???

so funny... you are too cute.